Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lulled Into Forgetting.

Maybe it's because I see and work with so many numbers throughout any given day. Perhaps it's because I'm on Twitter so often that my brain patterns have started to mimic the news feed - constantly updates, with information that's only seconds old getting shoved out to make way for the new. Maybe it's because I'm getting old...ish.

Whatever the reason, my short term memory is totally biffing it sometimes.

Thank goodness my One Touch meter doesn't have this problem, because I often forget the number it spits out immediately after it's off the screen and have to wake it back up to check what the result was. The same goes for the bolus history on my insulin pump. Asking me to recall when I took that last correction dose is like asking me what I ate for lunch on Thursday, two weeks ago. (Which was probably a salad and some greek yogurt - but that's because I eat that pretty much every day. You get my point.)

How the heck did I do this before having a meter with a history on it? Or before an insulin pump?

Oh, right. I actually wrote things down then. And I did a whole lot of guessing - educated and otherwise.

I forget about downloading my CGM and pump data for weeks at a time. When I was new to the Dexcom party, I was diligent about downloading everything once a week. The data was a fascinating new window I could look at my body through. And it's still that, most of the time - but other times, it's just that really annoying reminder of how much I sucked at guessing how many carbs that pasta/sandwich/espresso drink had. Those brightly colored CGM graphs and pie charts have lost some of their initial sparkle, and I don't get as excited about seeing them.

And I feel like a complete moron when the meter battery finally dies - because even though it reminded me before every single blood test I had done for the past eight days, I'd forgotten about the warning by the time each test was completed.

I appreciate that technology is helping me with the remembering - but it also is a glaring indication of how dependent I am on it in order to not do the forgetting.


  1. Love this, Kim! Me too! Used to drive my mom crazy because I'd be sitting in the waiting room at the endo's trying to write all my sugars down. And I have to turn my meter back on to check the last result ALL THE TIME! Thank the lord for technology!

  2. Agree 100 times over!!! Some times I'll test my blood sugar, announce the number to Pete, put my meter back in the case - and by that time we have BOTH forgotten what I said the number was!! I have to pull the meter back out and check. I blame it solely on diabetes, we have way too many things to keep track of!

  3. That's one of the major reasons I wanted a pump. I often wasn't sure if I'd shot or not!

  4. If it makes you feel any better... I can see a number pop up on the meter and forget it in the 5 seconds it takes to get to the log book and write it down. Seriously. I think it's seeing all those numbers all day long... day after day... it all blends together. And yes, THANK GOD for memory!

  5. LOVE you blog! Found you through SUM. I have the same problem with not noticing how much carbs things were when i ate them. I unfortunately just use the good ole meter and flexpens no gadgets yet. I hate when you go somewhere think it's great and all of a sudden you realize there must have been something special in that sauce and BG tells you it was something sugary.. ugghh... Keep posting!!!!-Cassie

  6. I stopped using the logbook. I cant lie. It became too much. And honestly doesnt have enough space! It has 4 slots and we check 12 times a day atleast....bad mommmy i know :(


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