Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Ridogulous.

Aaron and I had a date night last night. We got our Thursday Night Sushi, and topped it off with a stop for some ice cream (the real stuff!) on the way home. As I worked through my butterscotch sundae, something crossed my mind, and I thought I'd throw it out there to see what he thought.

"What if we got a Corgi?"

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(Sidenote: Corgis are my favorite dog. The short and stubby legs, the fur, the huge ears, the fact that they always look like they're grinning..... OMG.)

Anyway - Aaron knows how I feel about Corgis, but he also knows my apprehension about having a dog. Unlike Aaron and most other people in the world, my brother and I never had pets when we were growing up. My one experience with living with a cat as an early twenty-something left me sneezing like it was my job, and on a Zyrtec regimen (that I'm still on). Aaron and I have never had pets, nor do we have kids. It feels like we should add to the fam, in a furry way.

But there's also the whole puppy training thing, and the part where the dogs I find cutest seem to be the same ones that shed like crazy. I'm a bit of a neat freak, and I'm not sure how I'd handle that.

But I'd have a walking buddy, who wouldn't let me slouch on exercise, and a snuggle buddy. And a furball that would make me smile every time I looked at him.

Aaron made the mistake of indulging me. "What if we got two Corgis? They need a buddy, you know."

My eyes widened. And then the puns started, and I couldn't stop them. It was as if the weight of all those puns sitting in my brain had finally given way to gravity, and I couldn't do anything but fall right along with them.

"{insert friend's name here} knows a lot about dogs. Do you think we should collar?"

"I'll tail you what I think."

"Are you fur real about this??"

"Man, having a corgi would be ruff."

"Know why I love them? Beclaws they're cute."

"What if it doesn't like living with us? It might try to flea."

And then, when we were leaving the building: "Wait, where did we bark the car again?"

I may have done more harm than good to my dog-acquiring chances. I don't know if we'll actually get a Corgi or not - or if we do, when that will be - but it's a pawsibility.


  1. Shut the front door!!! A corgi!! I would bow to the cuteness. Last time I was with a Corgi, two in fact, I spent several hours petting and playing with them, I think the peoples who owned said Corgi's thought I was nuts.

  2. Great Fri post to read, you just made my belly jiggle! Cheers.

  3. My aunt has 2 corgis: Fergie and Winston (both named after famous people). They have big butts that wiggle. I loves them.

    And you made me giggle endlessly. And, being completely honest, having a puppy is good practice for a baby. Obviously, they aren't the same thing, but puppies can be very demanding. Lola can definitely be a pain in the ass, but I love her more everyday. ...and she's damn cute.

  4. We too, after being married for almost 2 years, bought a home felt like we needed something else in our family too. We jumped right in to the doggie bandwagon. We actually adopted a sweet then 3 year old White German Shepard. You should do it. Get your one or two corgi's and LOVE IT!!! Good luck!!!

  5. I have a corgi that is similar to the picture you posted. I love her to DEATH! She's the best stress relief I could ask for.

  6. You will have to watch the Westminster Kennel dog show on tv tonight and tomorrow night!!
    So much fun to see ALL the dogs!


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