Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving On.

R.I.P., old buddy.

Hey, Elle.

I can't believe we're having "the talk" already. It seems like I just introduced you to my friends not that long ago, but it appears that it's already time to say goodbye.

I knew you were older, but I thought you had a lot of spunk left in you - I guess I was mistaken. That accident you had a few weeks back (the one that left your "leg" broken) wasn't something you could come back from, and Aaron and I have kicked you to the curb. (Literally.)

I need someone who can keep up with me - who can teach me a thing or two, and push me to be a better version of myself.

You've probably noticed the new hotness we invited into the house last weekend - all clean lines and brightly-lit display; sitting there like it owns the place. Ms. Elliptical doesn't have a name yet, but we'll get there. I don't want to rush into things so quickly with her, as I did with you.

It's not that we didn't like you, Elle - you just weren't as good of a fit as we thought you'd be. I hope you don't take this personally. But, really - we only lasted about three weeks. We weren't that serious about each other, were we?


You were?


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  1. I just got a Gazelle off of craigslist. I love it. Im sorry Elle didnt behave as well as she should have. Hope all goes better with ''to be named''.

    Im still figuring out what other ways you can work out on it besides the obvious....lol


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