Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Have A Few Questions.

Why do the most accurate CGM sensor sites also have to be the itchiest?

Why do I only start to drop low after I've brushed my teeth?

Why can't Dexcom covers come in colors like aqua blue, orange, green or purple?

Why, on the nights I most need sleep, does Jim decide to make stuff up about my blood sugar and thusly wake me up every half hour with a BRRR BRRR BRRR BRRR! from the nightstand? (That's my impersonation of him vibrating, by the way.)

How is it possible that I can access the internet from my phone, but I can't access my basal rates from my meter remote?

Why do the Animas cartridge needles make my Humalog bottles leak drops of insulin while I'm filling them? (I've learned recently that I'm not the only one this happens to...)

Why do I sometimes feel like I'm dropping low, when I'm really not?

Why, when I get sick, does it take me three weeks to recover, instead of the three days it appears to take everyone else?

Why can't I keep myself from smirking when the nurse giving me my flu shot says "This might hurt a little"? (And why do I almost always feel the need to tell her that I'm used to it, because I have diabetes?)

And why does the world not yet have an integrated Animas/Dexcom system?!


Got a question you'd like to ask, too?  Leave it in the comments section.  Who knows?  Someone might just come along and answer it.  I'm looking at you, Animas and Dexcom.


  1. I want to know why insurance won't cover the amount of strips I need since it also won't cover a CGM. Yes, insurance, I do need to test at least 10x a day, usually closer to 15, and you won't cover that, or the need for a CGM, which would make it easier to decrease the number of strips I need per day.

    1. Its called a prior authorization that will make them cover it. And your doctor should be able to fill out the form for you.

  2. I think you should send this to animas. Why indeed!

    My littlest guy has been battling a cold/flu for a month now. Will it ever end! :(

  3. Excellent questions, many of which have crossed my mind too!

    Here's mine: Does diabetes have ears? Anytime I rejoice out loud at some success of mine, diabetes always comes back around to remind me who's boss. Yesterday, I proudly showed my husband my CGM graph and told him I didn't remember the last time it showed over 160, let alone 200! I had two 200+ readings later that day :)

  4. Yup, I wonder most of these questions too (except not Dex / Animas, but I've got a bunch of MM questions to swap them out for). And also, the companion to the "feel like I'm dropping low" questions - why do I sometimes feel like I'm sky high - dying of thirst, achy, peeing every three minutes - when my blood sugar is in range?

  5. Why it is that every single morning i have a high bs when i have taken more insulin then needed and am starting to eat NO CARBS at night for dinner. I don't snack, i eat little to no carbs for dinner AND my premeal BS is great. UGGHH So annoying.

    and i guess two questions-

    why does insurance companies not allow you to have the materials you need to function at your peak.

  6. I'm just curious when an accurate CGM will come out! I like my Dexcom, but it cries wolf a lot.

  7. "Why do I sometimes feel like I'm dropping low, when I'm really not?" - if I would have a penny for every time this happens to me... I think Iäd be a millionaire!

  8. Why won't insurance companies pay for the Dexcom???? Would they rather pay for visits to the ER or ambulance rides or even more serious issues??

  9. Why does my Ping meter remote give me an out-of-range error when only 1 foot away from my pump, but all my other devices can find things across the house, 2 floors away from the router, when I'm on the back deck, and in the driveway.

  10. Why does my pump announce some relatively inane message - like low on insulin, at the most inopportune time such as in a business meeting - happily chirping from a discrete hiding place in my bra, when my meter remote is nowhere in site to shut it up?

  11. Why does my pump decide to have serious issues in the middle of the night, requiring a call to the manufacturer, when I've got to be up early the next day.

  12. why does my son's pump ALWAYS break on a Saturday or Sunday night and a new pump is 2 days from Monday away?

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