Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flying Solo.

Jim is showing signs of dementia.

It could be because it's somewhere around day 12 for this sensor, and the accurate days of its youth are quickly fading from memory. It could also be because, I realized this morning, my transmitter is over a year old and likely needs replacing soon. Whatever the cause, he's losing it, and I can't rely on him today.

Even his jacket is greying.
He's the elderly man who lives in my purse - we've had such good times together that I don't want to part with him just yet (the adhesive situation on this sensor, while a mosiac of tape, is holding on like a boss), but I know he's at the point of needing to retire. Right now, he's taking a very confused nap in my purse, and I just want to pet his imaginary head and tell him everything is going to be okay. Poor guy.

Today I'll be "flying solo"; just finger sticks and I. I'm hoping that flying solo doesn't become flying "so low".

And now I have that Jason Derulo song stuck in my head.  Sigh.


  1. Your pic is too cute. Sorry for the inaccuracy. Js sensor is over 12 months too; it was donated.

    Dex said theres things to look for to know if its time for a new one...do you know what they are!? Lol

  2. Hey Alexis! :)

    I do need to just call Dexcom and ask. I'll get around to that... sometime... ;)

  3. Too funny. Made me think of cast away and his ball wilson. Have fun flying solo!

  4. AH, yes. The good old days. We didn't get around to changing a sensor a couple weeks ago and spent a few days without one. I kept reminding myself that we did this for over 5 years without Dex...a few days of rest shouldn't be that big of a deal. But I was SO HAPPY when that sucker was back in place ;)

  5. We are flying solo tonight...Joe's just went bad.

  6. Sorry to hear of Jim's demise.

    And thank you ever so much for getting that song in my head now, too. :)


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