Monday, February 7, 2011

Charlie Brown and a D-Meetup.

I spent the last few days in Kansas City, staying with a friend of mine from high school. We try to get together every few months; spending a weekend at the other's place. It's nice to have some "girl time" sometimes, you know?

The weekend was full of fun, and some new experiences. (Diabetes might disagree on the "fun" part, as Jim's graphs resembled the stripe on Charlie Brown's shirt for most of the weekend - but, whatever.)  I tried tapas for the first time, spent some quality time at Crate and Barrel, and helped my friend hang a super heavy mirror on her wall (turns out I'm handy after all!).

I also might have had some alcohol on Saturday night, which led to some dancing and shouting along to techno-infused rock classics (She took the midnight train going aaaaanyyyyyywheeeeeeeeere!)

The frosting on that cupcake of a weekend was getting to meet up with some fellow d-bloggers for lunch yesterday! (Once we finally found a place that was open on Sundays, that is.)  :)  Our group included Scott of Strangely Diabetic, Bob from T Minus Two, Jess of Me and D, and Babs from My Glycated Life; along with some friends and "type 3"s. It was great spending time with you all, and I hope we can do it more often.  :)

What a good lookin' group!


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