Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Uses.

"This insulin pump's user manual
can double as a doorstop!"

Real Simple magazine has a column titled "New Uses for Old Things".  Being a RS addict subscriber, I've had several months of exposure to this charmingly clever string of ideas. (I think I've learned at least twelve new ways to use aluminum foil. Wait - are they sponsored by Reynolds? Hmm. I digress.) I'm always left thinking, "Oh! Why didn't I think of that? That's perfect!"

It got me to thinking about all of the diabetes things that could have "new uses". Here's my list*.

  1. Logbooks make excellent beverage coasters, as well as kindling for the fireplace.  Shoving them under an uneven table leg gives new meaning to the phrase "finding a balance between highs and lows".
  2. In the middle of wrapping a birthday gift and can't find the scotch tape? Try Tegaderm.
  3. Used CGM needles can find new life as letter openers. Hemming pants? Use one as a sewing pin, in a pinch.
  4. Happy Laundry Day! Empty glucose tab sleeves can provide a home for a roll of quarters. 
  5. Used test strips make excellent bookmarks. (Tip of the hat to Jacquie for that one.)
  6. Discarded insulin pump tubing can be braided and find new life as a snazzy bracelet.
  7. Pump clip? Or really huge hair clip???
  8. Have a small village of old, outdated meters? Find some glue and try your hand at an abstract sculpture. 
  9. Meter cases can double as wallets. (Or, you can actually buy a real one that does both.)
  10. You say alcohol swab; I say miniature cleaning wipe. (It might take a while to do your kitchen counters with those - but hey, are Clorox wipes FSA-reimburseable? Didn't think so.)

*This is completely facetious. Don't actually do number three. Or any of it, really.


  1. My husband (who took that book picture) uses empty test strip containers to hold Q-tips.

  2. Hee hee! I needed a laugh today - it's been a crummy week!

  3. Hahaha! Love it! Thanks for the giggle this morning. :-D

  4. I've used the outside pocket on my meter case as my wallet before. It was a small purse and I had room for a tube of glucose tabs and either my meter or my wallet. Diabetes won.

  5. I've used my meter to hold my money too :) And my husband has hung stuff from old tubing (it was to take photos and it needed to look like the thing was floating). Do quarters actually fit in glucose sleeves? Because I totes could use that one :)


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