Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I realized on my way in to work today that I forgot to do something very important.

My "endo" visit with my P.A. is today, and I don't have anything printed off or downloaded to hand her - no CGM data, no pump settings, no blood sugar logs.


Then, as I was downing my morning coffee and getting signed into everything at work, I realized I hadn't bolused for that coffee (and loads of creamer). And so, I tweeted about it.

Five minutes later, I remembered:  I still hadn't bolused for that coffee.

Can I go home, go back to bed, and start today over? Please?

(At least I remembered to refill my pump before leaving the house today... something tells me that the two units I woke up with wouldn't have cut it.)


  1. My endo will just look at my meter for numbers if I do that. It's better than nothing. :) Happy visit!

  2. Oh man, soudns like a mornign I had recently. It followed a night of waking up to treat highs then getting up early because I was almost low and needed to go ahead and eat breakfast since I knew I was just going to go lower.

    And then I didnt' bolus for that breakfast until Dexcom bitched at me.

    Then I went low after that bolus and ate cookies.

    Then I went a little high again, felt like crap, and bolused.

    I continued to feel like crap as it came down, including being sick to my stomach, so I finally went home for the afternoon. Blech.

  3. Kimmy we all have those days. The important thing is that you remembered to wear clothes. Everything else is secondary.

  4. We have all done that! Multiply how many days you have had T1 by average number of bolus's (or shots) per day.... this is 32,580 bolus's/shots since having T1 in my case. Your bound to forget a few!!

    Funny how the non T1's (doctors, family, friends) couldn't imagine forgetting to do something so important!

    Hope you day gets better!

  5. I have days like this too! :( They suck! But you are not alone:)


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