Why "Texting My Pancreas"?

I began writing here while using the Animas Ping insulin pump (I have since switched to using Tandem's t:slim pump), and this phrase was a cheeky way of referring to the times I gave myself a bolus from the insulin pump (which acted as my psuedo pancreas) via the pump's remote/meter.  The context of the phrase is explained in this post I wrote when I first started this blog:
"My Ping meter-remote has more than once been mistaken for something it is not. "Oh, did you get a new cell phone?" Or, "What kind of phone is that?" My favorite came from my husband's grandma. We were sitting around the table, with food being passed around, and I was figuring up my bolus for the meal. There is a rule at their house about no cell phones at dinner, and she didn't know about my new diabetic equipment. "What are you doing? Texting?"
Yes, actually. I'm texting my pancreas."