Tuesday, February 9, 2016

38 Weeks.

Hi. I'm probably having a baby in 7 days.

Before the chaos of life with a newborn hits again, I wanted to note a few things that have been different about Pregnancy #2 vs. Pregnancy #1 for me:
  • First pregnancy: relentless lows. Second pregnancy: "wtf is even happening right now" highs and insulin resistance. All the time, even in the beginning. Current insulin pump infusion speed can best be described as "fire hose", but at least things have evened out significantly. My current insulin needs are very similar to what I experienced with Rabbit at the end of the third trimester; the ratios and rates are RIDICULOUS (like, you guys, my insulin-to-carb ratio during part of the day is 1:1 and that is not a typo), but they work, so do what you gotta do right?
  • First pregnancy: mild pre-eclampsia showed up during week 36, putting me on modified bedrest for the last week and a half of my pregnancy. Second pregnancy: no sign of it. I've had a few errant BP readings, but when they recheck me I've been "back in range", so maybe they should just let me sit and breathe for a second, instead of strapping the BP cuff on as soon as I sit down? I've never understood the logic of that strategy. "I know you just told me that you get short of breath with any kind of activity and I just had you walk down a couple of hallways after several minutes of hospital navigating, but let's go ahead and check your blood pressure right now and be surprised when it reads higher than normal".
  • First pregnancy: blogged a lot. Second pregnancy: mostly just Instagrammed because it's a much quicker/lazier solution for wanting to document things. :)
  • First pregnancy: my doctor offices were all over the literal map, with some appointments requiring a couple of hours of drive time to attend. Second pregnancy: every doctor is in the SAME HOSPITAL BUILDING HALLELUJAH THANK YOU JESUS. Now I just drive to the same place for everything and it's so freaking easy I could cry.
  • Speaking of locations, we also moved last November to a new house that could better accommodate our growing family. I was around 6 months pregnant and apparently still had energy and could move around like a normal human being... I hardly remember feeling that way now, but it seems to have worked out.
  • First pregnancy: delivered at 37 weeks, 4 days. Second pregnancy: still hanging on at 38 weeks, and unless the little dude has other ideas, we'll make it to 39 weeks. Fingers crossed.