Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stress + Diabetes.

In case anyone wondered if stress has an impact on BG levels.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

FDA Approves Dexcom Mobile App and New Bluetooth Receiver.

Cue the confetti cannons!

From the press release:
"The Dexcom Share receiver uses a secure wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) between a patient’s receiver and an app on the patient’s smartphone to transmit glucose information to apps on the mobile devices of up to five designated recipients, or “followers,” without the need for a dedicated docking cradle. These followers can remotely monitor a patient’s glucose information and receive alert notifications from almost anywhere, initially via their Apple® iPhone® or iPod® touch and in the future on Android devices, giving them peace of mind and reassurance when they are apart. The “Share” and “Follower” apps will be available on the Apple App Store at no charge."

From what I've surmised, but please contact Dexcom directly for better info:

  • So there is now a new receiver called Share (which is confusing since the docking station is also called Share) that does the Bluetooth transmitting to Dexcom's apps.
  • If you already have a Share docking station, it sounds like you get a free upgrade.
  • If you have the G4 Platinum system but no Share docking station, there will be a "small cash upgrade" and they start shipping in March.
  • If you have ordered a new G4 Platinum regular receiver since January 1 2015, you get upgraded to the new Share receiver for free.
  • The "Follow) app lets the follower set their own alert parameters, ringtones, etc. independent of what the patient has for settings on the physical receiver.
  • The Share receiver is available to patients age 2 and up - no waiting for separate pediatric approval. YAY.
Dexcom held a conference call today to explain more about FDA's approval and the new system, and when that transcript is published I'll link to it.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Giveaway: Lilly Diabetes/Disney Books and L.L. Bean Backpacks.

I have some things to give away!

Lilly Diabetes sent me a big ol' box of neon green backpacks filled with their collaborative Lilly/Disney books and publications, and I'm splitting them up between you all and my local JDRF chapter (minus the one that my daughter gets to keep, because books).

From Lilly Diabetes: "The durable, high quality backpacks are specially designed by Lilly Diabetes and L.L.Bean® with a customized  emergency tag sewn inside."

Like so:

And yes, the backpacks are BRIGHT GREEN EVERYONE PLEASE LOOK AT THIS BACKPACK. I think they are these, or at least really really similar to them. They seem enjoyable to wear, or so I was led to believe by this lovely backpack model:

Descriptions of the included books can be found here:

So, interested? I'll pick 6 winners on Monday morning, so get your entries in before midnight (Central time) Sunday. To enter yourself to win, follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below. (Spoiler: you'll need to leave a comment on this blog post.) I can only ship to U.S. addresses, so keep that in mind.

Good luck!

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Monday, January 19, 2015


If I ignore the buzzing, the arrows will magically change direction. Look at me, laying here in bed defiantly! Ha HA!

Can I wish it away? Like, really, really wish? Or just pretend I didn't hear it? This will totally work this time.

Absolutely, I should eat peanut butter straight out of the jar. And these cookies. And a glass of almond milk. And more cookies. And bread with butter. Is butter a carb?

I can totally finish vacuuming this room, first. Now I'll go... oooo, that spill on the counter. I forgot about that. Gotta wipe that up. Now, where was... the window! It still has smears on it! First things first.

That conversation I half-remember having with my husband earlier today was clearly about how he shouldn't trust my judgement when I'm low, which means that he will obviously wake out of a deep sleep just because my CGM beeped once and will know, without speaking, that he needs to procure some quick-acting carbs for me RIGHT NOW. Wait.. still snoring. NOW. I'll just lay here a bit more. He'll wake up. Didn't we just talk about this? I'm pretty sure it was about me being low. So he'll wake up..... now. 

It's not logic. It's low-gic.