Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Ignorant Mary".

My friend Greg, who is the guy behind the I hate Diabetes (Type 1) Facebook page, has been creating some giggle-worthy videos. The series is called "Ignorant Mary", and is centered around some of the annoying insulting idiotic misconceptions the general public has about diabetes. With his permission, I'm sharing the first of the series with you here.  Please note: the audio for this video is possibly not suitable for viewing at work/around children. Check out his channel on YouTube to see more of the episodes.

Do you have a suggestion for a diabetes myth or stereotype that you'd like to see Greg address in his next video? Leave your ideas in the comments section!


  1. Kim,
    That is one of the funnest skits I have ever seen, I literally laughed out loud at the lame duck line... very very funny.

  2. I love these! Wait, there are diabetes stereotypes?

  3. This even got a snicker out of my usually stoic Hubs!

  4. I'm LOVING 'Ignorant Mary', Kim!! ...You find the most awesome stuff!


  5. Oh my god, this is so spot on!! Who hasn't been exposed to at least one of these situations...?

    Brilliant, simply brilliant.

  6. I think it's a diabetes myth/rule that if someone knows someone, or even knows OF someone who died from T1 diabetes, they HAVE to tell you as soon as they find out you have it. Bonus points if the person who died was around the same age as you.


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