Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where Jim Lives.

Jim is with me just about everywhere that I go.  Much like a dog bed or a well-worn chair, there are places that my best buddy can typically be found, right by my side.

Here's how an average day might play out...  as told by our friend, Jim.

Hey guys!  Oh, hang on... shh... Kim's still sleeping.
I hang out here on the nightstand while she's out,
taking notes on my...  well, I guess I memorize it all.
Some say "creepy" - I say "life-saving". 
While Kim cleans up; I do a gymnastic balance beam act.
Don't worry; I always stick the landing.
I get my own section of the car console!  That's just
how we roll.  To work.

Why am I laying on a koozie on Kim's keyboard tray
at the office?  Well, you'll have to take that up with her.
It wasn't always this way - something about how
loud I was vibrating.  I mean, I didn't think
I was that loud, but she seemed to disagree and
put me on this fluffy sound-muffling thing.
Whatever.  I still look pretty awesome, right?

Then, sometimes, I get relegated down to the purse
under her desk, if I've been too vocal.

Okay, so maybe this isn't a typical day - this was me
helping Kim out at her work holiday party. She wanted
more wine, but I threw myself in front of it.
Pretty noble of me, I thought?  I mean, look at that graph.
Look at it!
Thanks, Jim.


  1. I'm impressed Jim can read you from your nightstand! Good job by him. I'm afraid I have to sleep with (on, next to, etc.) Dex every night to get any overnight readings...

  2. Ha--My Dex does that exact same balancing act! Nice! ;)

  3. I love this! :)

    Dex actually stays in my pocket most of the time, except for when I sleep or are wearing something without a pocket (usually in the summer).

    Also, I wory about putting Dex down and losing him... I don't have the "out ofrange" alarm turned on because I don't want him screaming if I leave him in my purse and walk away from my desk. The other day, I misplaced him for a bit and was like, "Great, I'm gonna have to wait until I get low or high then go hang out around all the likely places he might have vanished until he buzzes!" Luckily, I found him before the opportunity to get him buzzing came up!

  4. Ummm, ignore my aweful grammar. (And I have a MA in English, so WTF?!)


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