Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A First.

Keeping in line with what has apparently become the time in my life where I'm Letting The Whole Darn World Know I Have Diabetes, I can now cross something off of my checklist that I never intended to.

I did an insulin pump cartridge change at work, out in the open.

My baggie of drugs.  It even has needles!

It's not a huge deal really, but it's the first time I've ever done this at work, outside of a bathroom.  As I plunged the needle into my Humalog vial, I noticed in my peripheral vision that my co-worker sitting with me saw the gargantuan "syringe".  She didn't say anything until I was about halfway through. 

"Is everything okay?", she asked curiously.

I responded, "Yep; just changing out the insulin cartridge in my pump.  Usually I go to the bathroom to do it, but I guess I didn't feel like it this time."

Co-worker:  "Yeah, I mean... why not?  There's hardly anybody in here, anyway."

And that was that.  No unwanted fanfare or grossed-out looks.  She sat through the whole thing, relatively unphased, and my lunchroom neighbors didn't seem to notice anything either - even when the "REEEEEEEEE!" sound of the pump rewinding filled the room.  (Seriously, why does that thing have to be so loud?)

Because my infusion set is in my lower stomach right now, popping it back into place was no big, either. 

Don't mind me over here - I'm just refilling my robot pancreas.  You may now resume to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. I did it in the airport a few months ago. It's fun!

  2. Fun times! Change your pump in public, with pride! I've done it alone and with people watching. At work, outside in a downtown public square, on a golf cart, on a car hood, in a tent, at the airport, at a restaurant table during the dinner rush, and more... Wait. What are we talking about here? Oh, that's right: pump changes in public. Well, there you go. Be proud! Be a Pumper with Pride! (Wow.. I seriously need to get some sleep.)

  3. When I was podding I used to change my pod in the break room. (Because there was no way to go past 80 hours and I'd get stuck with a screeching pod telling me I wasn't getting anymore insulin.) Always got a few weird looks from coworkers. Some where genuinely interested though and would ask to watch. Haha.

  4. Some were genuinely interested. Not some where genuinely interested. Dang typos. Grrrrr.

  5. Girl - Get on with your bad self & YOU GO GIRL ! I don't hesitate to change my pump cartridge, or test my blood sugar or eat whenever!
    We have to do what we gotta in this life!

  6. good for you! private, public, doesn't matter... other people take their pancreas out in public, I figure so can I. Mine just goes eeeeeeeeee like yours does sometimes lol

  7. I've changed out at work a couple times. What I try to do is have a cartridge already filled and just bring that with me (knowing I'll need to be swapping out while at work). No "weird looks" from the gigantuan syringe. :) I've even changed out at IHOP at the table. True, we were in a back corner, but still.

  8. Robot pancreas that's a great thought.


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