Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being Resourceful.

I had plans last night for dinner with friends. (Actually, it's a "book club", but seeing as how I hardly ever get around to reading the books anymore, I consider it more of a "dinner date".) As I sat in my parked car outside of the restaurant, I did a quick blood test. The results weren't surprising, as I had been stuck at that number for several hours: 152.

Well, that's annoying.
In the past three hours, I had done four correction boluses - and they seemed to bounce right off of that 152 like it was a trampoline. I hadn't eaten since lunch, either, so I knew there weren't any tricky carbs at play. My infusion site looked fine (and still looked fine when I removed it at home, later that night). I had no answers.

It is times like this where a rage bolus starts to sound really, really attractive - much like ice cream after a bad day, or Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. (Am I the only one that thinks he's stupid-hot in that movie? Aaron thinks it's a weird crush to have. Maybe I just like the fact that his glowy chest thing looks a lot like a backlit insulin pump through his shirt. End digression.) I knew that bolusing from the pump wouldn't work, so I retrieved the back-up Humalog pen I always carry in my purse. I dialed up two units.

Then I thought, "Wait - where the hell am I going to inject this?" Like so many other parts of the country, mid-January is darn cold in Nebraska, and I was bundled up in several layers. Layers that weren't at all conducive to a tummy injection site.

My solution, as it has been many times before, is to use whatever body part is most easily accessible, which meant that last night I shunked that pen needle into the side of my calf.

These are not my legs.
My legs were the least-layered body part at the time, and due to upper body layers, going in from the top wasn't an option. Lift pant leg; insert needle. The funniest thing? I didn't even feel it!

I've also been known to use the top of my forearms. Hey - it's prime, untouched real estate, and I'm using however much of it I think I can get away with.


  1. Dude, this scared me. I'm shuddering now. I may have nightmares tonight. But at least you got your insulin... Um, yea. Yea.

  2. Dr. Bernstein states that he has even injected through his shirt.

  3. Was the insulin absorbed properly? This is probably a better option than going through cloths as I have done many times!

  4. Mike - You're welcome.

    Sunny - I've done that a few times, though I always imagine I'm somehow inviting shirt-dwelling germs in when I do that.

    Andy - Yep! I was trending down within 5 minutes, happily enough.

  5. You rock. I've never used the calf, but now that you've shared your experience, I'll consider it. I've heard of pumpers putting their sites there, too. I have given a shot through nylons, and even once through leggings. I can't remember the details of WHY I thought I needed to do it, but sure enough, it still worked.

  6. Wow, I've yet to try that injection site, but now I'm thinking about giving it a go. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I <3 RDJ. Probably more than you know...

  8. In over 31 years with diabetes, I have never ever injecting in my calf. It's kinda scary to me too!!

  9. Though I'm not exactly sure what 'stupid-hot' means, I think RDJ is hot in both Iron Man movies. You are not alone. :)


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