Friday, January 14, 2011

What I'm Reading.

I thought I'd share a few blog posts that caught my eye this week.  Happy Friday, all!

In no particular order:
  1. Super Size Me, from Naturally Sweet:  Haley watched this documentary and asks some great questions:  "What if a 12 year old boy watched this in health class and learned what diabetes is just from this? Then what if a classmate is diagnosed…would the 12 year old boy assume his classmate made poor life choices and criticize him?"  When the media gets it wrong, we all pay.
  2. Two Shots Too Many, from Typical Type 1:  Like many of Jacquie's posts, I love this one for its brutal honesty, vivid imagery, and undeniable humor. 
  3. The post in which I refer to myself as a Hobbit, from C's Life With D:  Ever wondered how to liken living with diabetes to being a Hobbit?  C's got you covered. 
  4. Right at this moment, from Simon from the 70's:  I've really enjoyed Simon's posts lately.  This one makes a great point as to why sharing our stories and supporting each other is important - there is always someone out there who can relate.
  5. The First Step, from Meghann on Juvenation:  A post like this takes a lot of courage, and I hope some of us can extend some support and good wishes to her.
  6. Oops, from Bob Pedersen on Diabetes Daily:  The way Bob ended this post left me smilling:  when you find something in your life that needs changing, there's no need to dwell or feel badly about it.  Just fix it.

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