Friday, January 7, 2011

Meet Elle.

Everyone - meet Elle, the Gazelle.

It isn't because she looks like an awkward antelope - she really is a Gazelle.  See?

Elle is my new workout buddy.  She's not as fancy pants as an elliptical, but she gets my heart rate going, and my calves yelling the next day.  Mission Accomplished.

She's in our basement, pointed right towards the big screen TV.  

And after I tried her out for 30 minutes on Wednesday, I had awesome BGs all day yesterday.

I have no excuses to not workout now...



  1. Where'd you get this thingamajigger?

  2. We have ties to a very exclusive distributor. (My in-laws.)

    I have seen them on Amazon as well!

  3. Sigh. I just joined a gym for the same reason. But if I had a basement, you can bet your bippy I'd be working out on some gear down there rather than sweating next to strangers!

  4. Can you say, "Green with envy"? I wish I had a place for something like that. Yep, very green.

  5. Me too, 4 days on the treadmill and so far... numbers are great.

  6. Go you! I have yet to actually "work out" this year so I'm also quite jealous!!

  7. Wow!! Fancy!!!

    I use something like this when I go to the gym.

    I refer to it as THE BEAST.



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