Friday, January 28, 2011

Conquering The Plague.

I was feeling a little defiant last night.

Well, really, I was just craving cereal and feeling optimistic. Specifically, I was craving this goodness:

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As I've mentioned before, cereal tends to do wicked things to my blood sugar. Think of Superman taking flight. Think NASA launch. Think V2 roller coaster.

I'm not afraid to try things a bit out of the ordinary to make diabetes management work for me. And so, in that spirit, I tried something new to combat the post-cereal spikery: yoga.

Granted, it was limited yoga, as I was wearing earbuds that were plugged into my laptop as I tuned into the DSMA Live radio show last night, but it was enough activity to limit my spike to the 160's, instead of the usual 240's. And not only did my blood sugar appreciate it, I felt energized and muscle-tingly afterwards. It's been a while since I've practiced the art of being Gumby. I took a few yoga classes at the gym we used to belong to, and I've also dabbled with the Wii Fit's yoga routines. Yoga has always left me in a feels-like-singing-and-dancing kind of good mood.

So that's my new combo - cereal and yoga. But preferably, not at the same time. (That would be messy...)

I might have also ended my yoga exercise with a triumphant warrior pose.  Maybe.


  1. breakfast ALWAYS does that to me too, it's horrendous! Cereals and bagels... of course I'm always sitting on my duff right after breakfast for about 4 hours so that's probably why:)

    bully for you! And frosted mini wheats aren't THAT unhealthy, i mean common, they have wheat in the *name*. They must be alright.

  2. My number one worst food are cereals like the one you have a pic of lol I literally cannot eat them or I go up to 300 and stay there a while despite lots of insulin. My husband loves ceral but, he goes without it because he doesn't want me being tempted by having it in the house lol. Glad you figured out a way to make it work!!!

  3. Congrats on finding a way to eat cereal without going as high! I can't eat it either but sometimes I wonder if it's the cereal or the milk? I had a box of Captain Crunch on top of our fridge for after I gave birth though because girl, I am so on the same page as far as cereal cravings go :)

  4. I loooove cereal!

    Quick question that probably is obvious: did you do the yoga before or after eating? I really want to get into yoga too - I'm going to look at classes this week!

  5. Hey Siobhan!

    I did the yoga immediately after eating. Like, the bowl and spoon were still next to the laptop, and I'm pretty sure I was still chewing when I started stretching. (Classy, I know.) :)

  6. Hey! I was remembering this post while having cereal recently, because I've avoided it since getting pregnant but gave in... and have been having good luck with Fiber One Caramel Delight. It's definitely much better to my BG than other cereals I've had since I had to start paying attention to that sort of thing!


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