Monday, January 17, 2011

So, This Is Happening. Again.

At Mile 9 last year - which includes The Hill That
Everyone Hates.  Somehow, I survived it.  With a smile!
Last year, I did something I'd never done before - my first half-marathon. (Notice that I didn't say I ran it - because most of it was done walking. But I still completed it, darn it!) Being able to do that made me feel like something of a badass - because I'm no example of peak health, either in appearance or internally, and yet I was able to do something most sane people never desire to attempt. (As you may have guessed, I'm a fan of doing those very types of things from time to time.)

It was an accomplishment I was proud of; something I could check off of that proverbial bucket list. Immediately after the race, I thought, "I want to do this again!", but the passage of time had quelled that feeling.

Up until yesterday, anyway - because I registered for this year's half-marathon.

I blame my brother. He's The Athlete in the family - he did that same half-marathon with me last year, and finished so quickly that he had time to drive back through the course to find me, and walk with me for part of my race. (A sweet gesture - but also a reminder of how far I have to go to be "in shape".)  He's run a full marathon since then, and did quite well. He's regimented and dedicated in his workout routine - the opposite of me, in other words.

My sweetheart of a friend, M, whose house backs up
to the marathon route, made a sign for me.  What a gal!

He stayed with us this past weekend, and somehow managed to talk me into doing this again. I have three and a half months to train, which won't be nearly enough, but that's what I have. There's a possibility I won't be able to actually compete that day, but registering and committing to this event gives me the motivation I need to get regular exercise before then - which is totally worth that registration fee, for me. A also offered to be my "Pit Stop Guy" again every few miles, which will help immensely.

I need to reread The Diabetic Athlete's Handbook, which has been collecting a telling amount of dust on my bookshelf.

So, there it is. I'm training for a half-marathon now. Yikes.

(If anyone has tips on how to train, or how to keep my BGs at a more decent level while competing, I'd love the feedback. I'm pretty much going from couch to race on this one - much as I did last year.)


  1. This is great Kim! I am not a runner, but I am sure your brother can help with the training part. I have done a lot of experimenting with my basal rates and foods before, during, and after exercise. I do lots of bike racing, even some up to 6 hours, and would be happy to help if you need anything! Good Luck!

  2. Way to go! If you are only just starting training "from the couch again" then it'll probably be a whole new learning curve again. Try and remember what worked last time but all in all be careful and take plenty of notes early on!

    congrats.. this is awesome!

  3. Go Kim!!! I'll be cheering from you! woot

  4. You should consider nominating yourself to be feature in one of my BADASS! profiles....

    Also, you may be interested in (I have signed up for the cycling team).

    Glad to know you have a pit crew. You'll do great!

  5. Hi Kim, I run half and full marathons with a pump, and do some funky stuff with my basals. It'd take WAY too long to post it, but basically I turn my basal off for a couple hours, and then put on a little bit on (about 30%) for the first 6 miles, then 100-120% depending on what my BG is at 6 miles to finish a half marathon. I've had to tweak that method some though, as I've gotten more used to running them. I eat a snack at mile 6. of a granola bar and juicebox, and usually end up right around 100-120 afterward. Then afterward I take a bolus of about .5-1 unit because I've had a temp basal on for a while. It sounds crazy but usually works! GOOD LUCK! Sincerely, Cat

  6. I am in the same boat as you! I signed up for a half-marathon in May. I did it a few years ago, but before I was diagnosed with T1D. I have no idea how to train with the big D involved, but I guess I will learn as I go! I hope to hear insight as you begin training too!!


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