Monday, January 24, 2011

An Unnecessary Quest.

Today's post will be classified under "other shenanigans".

I have a thing for lists, and for organization. Due to these two character traits, I felt compelled to follow through on an idea I had last week: What if I listened to a band on my iPod for every letter of the alphabet, in order?

The only letters I couldn't cover were X and Z. (Which, by the way, bothers me. But that's how this went down.) There's really no good reason to share this list, but I'm a blogger with need of a topic today, so here we are.

Adele:  19
Black Eyed Peas:  The E.N.D.  (I know; I'm not sure why, either.)
The Chemical Brothers:  Singles 93 - 03
The Decemberists:  Castaways and Cutouts
Eagles of Death Metal:  Death by Sexy
The Faint:  Fasciinatiion
Girl Talk:  Night Ripper (Girl Talk has ruined so, so many songs for me - but I can't stop listening. Sooo catchy!)
The Hold Steady:  The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me
Imogen Heap:  Speak For Yourself
Jay-Z:  The Black Album
Kenna:  Make Sure They See My Face
La Roux: self-titled
Muse:  Absolution
Neon Trees:  Habits
Operation Ivy:  Energy
Placebo:  self-titled
Queen:  Greatest Hits 1
Radiohead:  OK Computer (This album reminds me of college. That is all.)
Shiny Toy Guns:  We Are Pilots
Tenacious D: self-titled
U2:  The Joshua Tree
Vampire Weekend:  self-titled (Not even Tommy Hilfiger commercials can keep me away...)
The White Stripes:  De Stijl
Yeah Yeah Yeahs:  Show Your Bones


  1. Boy, do we have a generation thing goin' on here! I'm sure I've heard some things off Joshua Tree, and I know Queen pretty well. (I saw Queen on Tour at Hilton Coliseum in Ames.) Other than that, I don't think I've heard -anything- on this list.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go stew some prunes for breakfast. :)

  2. No XTC?! You have to at least have one song by them on there. Blunt Lancet wouldn't be what we are today without their influence! :)

  3. Z= Warren Zevon, "Werewolves of London". I'm listening to it right now.


  4. Ok
    I've heard of Queen and U2 (The Joshua Tree is one of the greatest albums ever relesed) but that is all.....I'm joining Bob for some nice prunes and a lovely cup of tea in my warm cardigan....


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