Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Dance.

Let's not dwell on the fact that I accidentally bolused twice for dinner last night. Let's... no. We're not going there.

Instead, allow me to re-bask in the glory of this moment:

My sensor had been sputtering for several hours. My reservoir was down to 3 units. I was due for a site change.

Some people like a free shower. I enjoyed a free dance party.

It's funny; I've worn a pump for so long now that I forget what it's like to move about freely - not trying to compensate, baby one extremity or otherwise modify my movements to accommodate my hardware. I had forgotten what it's like to just dance. It was lovely.

I wish I could do it more often.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the free time, which is usually just a shower for me. Now with the Dex AND Pump, I rarely get any "Free" time. I totally wish I could be free more often.

    Sadly, even the artificial pancreas will not help, only a true cure that I don't think I'll see in my lifetime.

  2. Having just broke up with my pump, I cannot put into words the overwhelming freedom I experience every day. It's like Mel Gibson is following me around, half-naked on a horse with blue face paint screaming FREEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOMMMMMM everywhere I go. Exhilarating. Perhaps an issue for those in my general proximity. Not my problem.

    1. And now I'll hear Mel in my head every time I remove a pump site.

    2. So... How does on break up with their pump? Did you just get tired of it or have you somehow teleported a new pancreas into your body? Lol

  3. I am on a pump vacation, and back to shots, which is working out better than I thought it might. However, I can't bear to live without my CGM, so I have the (MM Revel) pump around my waist all the time, anyway. Don't know how I managed 35 years of shots with no CGM, and although I'd love not being connected, hypoglycemia scares me too much to live without a CGM. C'est la vie (if you happen to live with Type I D!)

  4. I took a video of Q during some "free" time the other day. Stay's coming to a YouTube channel near you soon :)

  5. I am so afraid of free showers. And free dance parties (ironic, since I can't - and don't - dance). I'm afraid that I'll like it so much that I'll never want to reattach the pump.

    I can resist the temptation of cheesecake (sort of), but I don't think I can resist the temptation of freedom. So that 42-inch long clear plastic restraint must stay with me.

  6. I so get this. I don't dance, either ;) but I do enjoy just walking around freely. Going to the bathroom (tmi) and not worrying about my tubing getting pulled on something .. giving my husband a hug without worrying about him accidentally pulling the tubing, or the site itself. And after giving myself those few moments of freedom bliss, it's always like I have to give myself a pep talk - "Ok *sigh* party's over, time to get back to reality."

  7. Does "free sex" rank on anyone's list?! Haha, screw showers AND dancing! Hahahah!


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