Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shirts and Mugs.

I just want to throw a quick post up here to let you know (if you didn't see already) that there is now a You Can Do This Project store on Zazzle! It's pretty much just t-shirts and mugs at this point, but if you have requests for other items through Zazzle, I'm happy to take them. :)

The point of opening up a store is 1. because it helps to spread the word about You Can Do This, so of course I'm a fan of that, 2. because several people indicated that they would buy a shirt, and who am I to deny them, and more pressingly 3. because OMG printing stuff for FFL/TCOYD tables is expensive - moreso than I thought, and the proceeds from these items will hep to offset the remaining costs.

Until midnight tonight, Zazzle is also having a 50% off sale on t-shirts - so stock up! Use the code "DADSCASENTEE" (okay, they didn't create a special sale just for YCDT - it's for Father's Day, but you can still use it) to get the discount.

And in related news, I've also opened up a Zazzle store for Texting My Pancreas stuff. (You'll notice a new "buy stuff" button to your left and down a bit.) Basically, I'm throwing some of the more popular cartoon images onto mugs and shirts (well, onto shirts when I figure out how to blow the images up without them getting all weird-looking), so if you're into that sort of thing, that's where to go.


  1. You rule. I so need a coffee mug that says YCDT... as if you couldn't guess that anyhow. Although, I am a little surprised that there isn't a dog (or Corgi) friendly shirt with the YCDT (wink, smile). Thanks for spreading the word on this, Kim!! Here's to hoping for many purchases to help offset those costs.

  2. Cool! Do you take comic-mug requests?

  3. Anonymous - yes, I do! Let me know what you'd like to see there. :)

  4. One of the Valentine's Day ones- the Hey Girl... !

  5. That one is on my mental list! I am bound by some restrictions on using my DiabetesMine cartoon images; give me a couple of months, and I'll be able to post them. :)

  6. I would like the "cured" mouse. If you can figure out how to post a series on one product I would like the "347" watch/meter strip. And when you are able, I would like the "pop open a cold one" from Diabetes Mine.

    Thank you!


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