Thursday, June 14, 2012

Highway Robbery.

Pulling the keys from my car's ignition, I opened my door and began to lean out of the car.

I felt the familiar tug coming from my hip - the body part whose current turn it was to host to my infusion site. Ugh, fine. I scooted back in and reflexively reached for the cupholder in the console beside my seat, fully expecting to find that my pump had fallen out of my pocket and onto the console, as it has done so many times before. Shallow pockets = accidentally adventurous pump.


Like Hansel and Gretyl and their bread crumbs, my pump has its own trail I can follow. The tubing made it look as though my pancreas might have been in front of the console, so I reached around blindly. My hands met nothing but carpeted upholstery and phone chargers.


Trying to grab the tubing in an effort to follow it (or pull up my insulin pump from whatever place it had been napping) I was met with resistance. The tubing didn't want to lift.


A little more investigation revealed its location, finally: it had not only fallen to the floor; it had wedged itself snugly underneath my seat. And I do mean SNUGLY. It took several seconds to dislodge it. Finally having it back in my paws, I gave it a stern look. "What the eff were you doing under there?"

Between this and the time last week when my tubing got tangled around my door handle (don't ask), I think my car might be trying to steal my insulin pump.



  1. Great post! :)
    I have this problem too but its always drawer handles or the hoover!
    I'm glad I am not the only one being driven mad by it!!

  2. For me, it's doorknobs...jyst like getting your purse straps caught, only not as funny!

  3. This is wonderful, Kim (the post, not the pump-stealing car you have there). Thanks for the Thursday morning laughs. As I wear my pump clipped to my belt (99.90349% of the time), my Ford Escape must get a little more creative. But yes, it does, and really likes tugging on my tubing. Must be a vehicle conspiracy. Like the cats. We may be doomed...

  4. My IKEA chair! My chair is trying to steal my pump!!

  5. You mean you guys don't wear your pumps in an insulin pump pouch??!! LOL. You write funny. ~Ivy


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