Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, YCDT!

The You Can Do This Project turns one year old today!

It all started with this:

...and it keeps going strong.

Things are never perfect. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to do our best when it comes to living with and managing this disease, but it does mean that we can let go of the idea that we're not good enough; that we aren't worthy of happiness; that it's too late for us.

It's never too late.

We may be down a road we never thought we'd be on, and the way back looks scary. It means admitting that we're on this road to begin with. It means trying harder than we ever have; harder than we think we can.

It's never too late.

Have you been meaning to do a video, but just never got around to it?

It's never too late.

Chances are there's someone out there dealing with the very same thoughts, feelings and frustrations as you who needs to hear your story. Someone who thinks it's just them; who thinks that no one understands; who feels so completely alone.

They need to hear from you.

Use whatever means you have necessary to record video (camera phones work too, ya know...), upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and shoot me a link to it so that I can get it on the You Can Do This website and YouTube channels.

Share your story - be a light in someone's darkness.

* * * * *

It would appear that a few other people are celebrating this one year mark as well - here are the posts I've found so far. Wow!




Meredith: (with a video!)


Lorraine and Caleb:









Mike: (with a new video contribution!)





  1. You are such an inspiration... as are ALL the videos!! Thanks for what you do, Kim. Happy 1-year YCDT project birthday!! *raising my YCDT coffee mug to you!

  2. I believe that Miss Manners states that the proper way to celebrate a 1 year anniversary is with cucpakes - JUST SAYIN ;)

  3. Kim, you are amazing, my friend. thanks for everything. and happy birthday YCDT! :)

  4. The most encouraging part about this project (and the diabetes blogs I read) is being reminded that I'm not the only one who struggles. Stuff that makes diabetes sound easy in an attempt to be positive ends up just discouraging me.

  5. hope you're having a yummy celebratory cupcake today. :)

  6. WoW, a year?!?! Crazy how time flies.
    So glad these videos and posts are around...we all need to be reminded from time to time that You CAN Do This!!!

  7. I was going to eat Pizza Hut breadsticks at lunch today. I know they make my blood sugar go extremely high, no matter what I do insulin-wise, but I didn't care this morning. Then I got an email with this blog post. And I decided, yet again, to try. I had a healthy lunch of a veggie burger, cottage cheese, an orange, and some green beans. In the afternoon I tested and I was 113 (much more pleasant than 385 or whatever it would have been post-breadsticks.) Thanks.


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