Thursday, June 21, 2012


It feels a little bit like this idea was crafted with the DOC in mind...

Postcards? We dig those.

Proudly borrowing ideas from other social movements? Yep, we do that.

Transferring online advocacy into real-life connections? Totes!

Combine all of those things, and it sounds a lot like an upcoming project from WEGO Health, dubbed "HealthSecret" - inspired by the PostSecret community. (If you remember Kerri's post from last year, and the MULTITUDE of comments it generated, you're already familiar with this idea.)

To better understand what HealthSecret is all about, take a gander at this helpful video:

And from the WEGO Health website:

Tell us something about yourself, your condition, or your health community that could be considered secret or not well-known enough. Maybe it’s a secret from back when you were first diagnosed – or something you’d confronted in your community recently. Maybe it’s something you wish you could tell the people in your life about what it’s really like to live with your condition. Maybe you want to confess something, share a thought for newly diagnosed patients, or just reiterate something that’s important to you. Tell us something that you want us and the wider online health community to know.

Let's flood the WEGO office (and, in turn, the ebook they're putting together) with homemade postcards full of diabetes "secrets", shall we? I'm planning to send in a postcard - how about you?


  1. Very interesting! Thanks for posting this, Kim. Looking forward to seeing the DOC and beyond flood them with D-secrets!

  2. I love this idea and plan to participate.

  3. Just found this and exclaimed "LOVE HUH." as in you. You're the best. Thanks for sharing this! I hope to get 1000000 D-cards.

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