Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Shift.

This is me making a short little announcement and update to my disclosure policy:  this Sunday's cartoon over at DiabetesMine will likely be the last one you'll see from me over there, as I've elected to end my time as a "regular contributor" over there. (So be sure to go check it out on Sunday!)

I'll still be publishing cartoons here on TMP, when the inspiration and free time (HA! Ha ha ha ha! HAAA!) strike me... and I'll also be putting some of the images I created for DMine (like the one with the unicorns and the phrases that change meaning once you're diagnosed) on stuff in my Zazzle store, as was requested by a few people. 

And, a note about that... my gig there stipulated that I wouldn't republish the images for six months from the date they were originally posted, so some of those more popular ones (like the cute dudes on the meters) will have to age a bit more before they're ready to flex their t-shirt muscle. I will totally keep you posted, though, and I appreciate the heck out of the fact that anyone would want to wear a t-shirt with something I've drawn on it.

Thanks for supporting my work over there with your comments, RTs Facebook shares, etc. over the past nine months! Knowing that I made you smile or outright laugh (even better!) makes my heart sing. :)


  1. You're a cartooning genius, Kim (opinions could vary, but I doubt they will). I'm looking forward to checking out your work wherever it's posted! Oh, and did you say T-shirts...?!?! (Just what I need - ANOTHER D-shirt.)

  2. I will be looking for your cartoons over here! You're awesome!

  3. We're sad to be losing you, Kim!

  4. I love the idea of flexing a t-shirt muscle.


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