Monday, June 25, 2012

Thanks, Dress Gods.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank whomever is in charge of the world's fashion right now, for stuff like this:

Not my actual dress, but the cut is similar.
image credit

I don't even know what the style is called - not exactly a drop waist (because it hits at the waistline, not the hip - learned something today; thank you Google), but close. Whatever it is, I'm in love with it. Why?

Because when you go to a wedding and don't realize until you arrive that the reception is outdoors - in late June, in Nebraska, when temperatures are in the mid-90's and the sun is blindingly bright - you just can't keep your insulin pump clipped to the inside of your Spanx. (If you've never worn or seen Spanx, it's important to know that the top of the garmet ends pretty much right under the bra line - not a good place to have a weird, pager-looking lump.) So, you'll excuse yourself to the far corner of the tent, and through the dress fabric attempt to unclip the pump from the waistline of that slimming but holy crap am I warm right now and I would not have worn Spanx if I had know there was no air conditioning undergarment, and somehow, through some kind gesture from the decency gods, be able to reclip the pump to the outside of that body sock while never having to do an up-the-dress manuever.

And once you're done, that "drop waist" creates a billowy atmosphere in which your pump can retain its chameleon prescence.

Love it.


  1. What's even better, pocket dresses. Created just for us it seems! Just clip a small hole in the pocked to connect the tubing to your site. Works like a charm.

  2. I hate that insidious rectangular lump when my goal is to keep the pump tucked into my clothes, so pump-friendly garments are the best!

    Cute dress facsimile :)

  3. I tuck my pump in the thigh part of my Spanx. I'm not sure if that works for you. But I have the pump in between the Spanx and my thigh, clipped to the Spanx. It works really well and it's easy to get too. Doesn't work really so well with tight dresses, but with flowy A-line dresses, I love it.


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