Wednesday, June 27, 2012

YCDT Swag at FFL.

You may have seen me hinting during the earlier parts of this month that I'd secured some "giveaway" items for the You Can Do This Project table at the Friends For Life conference next month... and now I can finally talk about them!

Thank you to the extreme generosity from both individuals and companies for making these possible!

Here we go:

Each of the following two items will be won by a drawing we'll have at the exhibit hall:

And freebies to give away to conference attendees? We have those too!

I want to draw special attention to those last two items, because they are being completely paid for by the indicated parties. Brian volunteered to make these stickers happen, and I'm really excited and grateful! Hope Paige Medical could have easily and understandably turned down my lofty (and, frankly, uncomfortable for me) pitch of "Hey, you should let me design a silicone bracelet, and then make several hundred of them and ship them to me for free. Yes?", but instead they're doing exactly that, and I'm once again thankful for their generosity! (This is the same company who sponsored twelve medical ID giveaways last year to support You Can Do This.)

I'm also going to hint that I have another very cool giveaway lined up... for TCOYD! Details to come.

In the meantime, will someone jump up and down with me a bit? THIS IS SO EXCITING!!

To find out more about these kind folks, follow the linkage:

Cari's Etsy Shop:

Kewl Innovations (makers of the ClimaPak):

Not My Cell (Brian):

Hope Paige Medical:


  1. Totally jumping up and down with you! The generosity of individuals and businesses is overwhelming. Can't wait to visit your booth and say hello.

    Plus...I've been eying that exact necklace :)

  2. CAN'T wait to get me a sticker! I love stickers.
    see you next week!

  3. Kim!!! I love the bracelets!! Can we buy them from somewhere if we aren't attending FFL???

    1. Gina, we don't have that capability in place yet, but it's something to look into - thanks! :)

  4. Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you at FFL!

  5. I can has buy bracelet? You need to get Hope Medical on selling those asap. I would definitely buy them! (Wish I could get one at FFL but I shan't be there...)

  6. Can you see me? I'm jumping up and down for you. Wish I could attend.

  7. This is so incredibly cool! (Well, you already knew that about ClimaPak, but I'm referring to the other three as well). The support and generosity you've gotten from others is simply outstanding!

  8. Yipee!! Getting giddy about next week!
    Love the support in the D community...such awesome give away stuff!!

  9. SO AWESOME!!! Swag! You gots swag! SWEET

  10. Who cares about the swag!?! Who is that handsome devil with the You Can Do This sticker? He looks fun and cool! Oh wait, you mentioned my name!

  11. Oh wow! So awesome! Totally wish I was on the invite list for FFL! LOL (We seriously need something like that for Type 2s or, better yet, for all Types!) I so want a YCDT bracelet!!!


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