Friday, June 29, 2012


As I pack myself up to fly to Florida tomorrow, I'm also cleaning a few things out - like my inbox, and all of the pictures on my phone.

* A company called Orpyx (they sell sensor-based devices for both medical and athletic stuff, and are currently focusing on technologies involving DPN [diabetic peripheral neuropathy]). Complications are one of those topics that can totally shut down a conversation for us PWDs - who wants to talk about that kind of stuff, right? But the more we know, the more we can do - for ourselves and others. In that spirit, here's a flashy (but kind of long) animated infographic they put together on the topic of DPN and foot care.

* Glooko announced earlier this week that they've launched in the EU - read the press release here.

* Medtronic Diabetes has a couple new things up their sleeves: a Facebook app that will feature patients' milestones right along with Medtronic's product launches and updates. A synopsis:
The app allows customers to upload photos and stories about the important moments in their lives – whether its climbing a mountain, learning to cook or just spending time with family. The app captures the information as a life event and shares on that individual’s Facebook wall. In addition, it allows us to post that life event as a milestone on the Medtronic Diabetes timeline. So, essentially we’re crowdsourcing our Facebook timeline. We did this because we want our timeline to be filled with more than just the innovation milestones of new products – we also want it to include the milestones of the people who use our technology every day.
Also, on the MySentry front, coverage has expanded:
Wellmark of Iowa has established coverage for mySentry for individuals who are currently using insulin pump therapy and CGM and are still experiencing glucose fluctuations or nocturnal hypoglycemia. We also just found out from our reimbursement team that BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico have all lowered the documentation requirements for CGM, expanding access to the technology to more people with diabetes in those states.

* On a more self-promotional front, the You Can Do This Project website has a couple of noticable changes. First: you know that link list that I had to keep on this site (because won't accept the link widget)? Well, it's going away soon.

I've wanted everything involving YCDT on that site for a while, and now that most of the videos have been added to that site, now seems like a good time to make the transition. This may leave you wondering, "So if there's no link list, how do I submit a new video?", which is a nice transition to my second point, so thanks for that. New videos will now be submitted through the online form on the "how to participate" page - go take a look!

* This made me laugh, and then immediately made me feel guilty for laughing.

* And now for the photo dump portion of this post:

Billy Corgin says Hi.

Nice try, Jif, but I'm not falling for it.

My first No Hitter in weeks. WEEKS. Boom!

* And lastly, be warned that things could be pretty quiet around here for a bit as I'll be spending the week in Florida - first with Sara and then at the CWD Friends For Life conference. I don't have any guest posts or anything lined up while I'm gone, nor do I know how often I'll have the ability to blog while I'm there, but if you follow me on Twitter (or like my Facebook page) I'll be updating those frequently. I plan to take many, many pictures and record a lot of video, so look out for that ahead, too.

Later, dudes!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you guys! AND visiting the YCDT booth! w00t!

  2. Thanks for this post, Kim. I also received an email from Orpyx but hadn't had a chance to look at the video. I got all emotional because I'm beginning to have tingling in my feet even though my D control is currently the best it's ever been! (damn the luck). Interesting innovation they have there.

    Have fun in Florida! Wishing I was going to be there to finally meet all you awesome folks.

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