Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blünt Lancet Sighting!

I saw a photo on Facebook yesterday that made my jaw drop. And then I giggled.

image credit: Kelly Rawlings

That would be Sam Talbot - yes, that Sam Talbot - wearing a Blünt Lancet t-shirt.

Who knew he was a fan?!

Thanks for being a good sport, Sam. This totally made my day! (And if I get to see a You Can Do This Project video from you, that will make my month! Year! Decade! Shameless guilt trip ending now!)


  1. Blünt Lancet!! WOOOO!! (OMG, I just wooted.)

  2. Does anyone have a napkin for the drool?

    Oh and Sam, if you are reading this, I was there when you promised a You Can Do This video. What are you waiting for?


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