Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Resource: This Time, Mini Size!

A quick (and very late) post today...

Last week, with Meredith's help, I made a flyer available for anyone who wants to help spread the word about the You Can Do This Project. I want to accommodate what you guys need when it comes to sharing this project with others!

Someone asked me earlier this week if I could send them some business cards (because they're far more portable and easy to carry with you), and it got me thinking that having options might be a good thing.

Consider this, um... "You Can Do This... To Go!"

You'll now find a business card sized flyer (which can be printed several to a page, if you're using a template) in .pdf form. It's quite colorful, so if you'd rather print it as a black and white version, that's totally okay too!

You'll be able to access this from the You Can Do This Project website, too, whenever you need it - under the resources tab.


  1. awesome! printing them out now to keep in my purse :) and they'll be with me at the JDRF walk(Wilmington DE) in Oct!

    -Kati McC

  2. Awesome!! :) Thank you, Kati!

  3. kim-

    fantastic! i love it! now i can carry some in my purse with your business cards! :)


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