Monday, August 1, 2011

Avocados With Flail Maces?

A few tidbits from this weekend:

  • The doggie swimming pool we bought this weekend might have been the best $10 we've spent in a long time. (I recorded a very low-quality video of Billy enjoying it, here, if you want to see how ridiculous Billy Corgin is. Sidenote: how could he not be ridiculous, with a name like that?)
  • The perfect time for a CGM sensor to die is on your way to breakfast. (A breakfast full of hollandaise sauce, pancakes, coffee, and anything else guaranteed to make your blood sugars unpredictable for several hours.) And that's exactly what happened on Sunday, when I had even planned my outfit around the fact that I wanted to conceal the sensor on my arm. The irony; it washes.
  • Because my CGM sensor died on Sunday morning, and because it felt like a good time to take a mini-break from the constant BEEP! BEEP! BZZZZ! that is my usual routine, I took the rest of the day off from all things Dexcom. Two things happened, but only one of them was surprising: I ended up doing a heckuva lot more finger sticks that day than I normally would (duh), and I also saw a lot more in-range numbers than I typically do. Huh. Interesting.
  • And lastly, I saw this sign while grocery shopping, about how avocados can "battle diabetes". It opens the door to many questions, like "How are they going to battle diabetes for me? Avocados don't even have arms." (Which, in turn, makes me want to ask, 'What are you going to do, bleed on me?') Also, "What sort of weapons would avocados choose in said battle? Crossbow? Nunchucks? Pruning shears?" But in all seriousness, a friend who works for this grocery store saw my tweet and will be emailing the store about the sign. Advocacy FTW!


  1. Oh good! Now I can tell J all that guac he eats has a purporse. Geez the crap they came out with!

    Your doggy is too sweet!

  2. Oh Dearest Avocado -
    Thank you so much for battling on the diabetes front lines using your combined weapons of choice. Which include, but are not limited to; good looks, quick wit, stealthiness, all around deliciousness, a pit the size of Pluto and a badass attitude!
    Awesome Monty Python ref, D Advocacy and cutie puppy dog!!!!

  3. Maybe I subliminally picked up that the avocado would battle my diabetes and that's why I've been going through 2-3 a week for the last month!!

    Also, I took a Dexcom hiatus (ended up being a month) and found myself with gobs more in-range finger sticks than with the Dexcom. I'm conflicted as to why though.

  4. lol monty python!

    also, omg billy corgin soooo adorbs!!

  5. I need to take another look at the Avocado's... who knew? :/

  6. Haha, love your avocado bit! It figures I didn't get any avocados today at the store cause they were $1.78 each. Now, had I known they were gonna beat up D, I would've loaded up! Lol.

    Also, Billy is WAY too cute, that video was adorable!!! :)


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