Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I had my workout clothes on. Hair was in a ponytail, shoes were tied, and my it's-not-a-fanny-pack-darn-it belt was fastened. The sun was setting; leaving just enough light the way for our evening walk, but not so much that walking would feel torturously hot.

Aaron was addressing the Billsner; his tone a mix of cheerful and increasing simplicity: "Are you ready to go for a walk? Go for a walk? Go walk? Walk?" Billy just sat there, staring at him. "Whaaaaat?"

I started filling my kangaroo pouch: glucose tabs, lip balm, plastic bag (responsible dog owner, I am!), and instinctively reached towards the kitchen counter where my trusty Dexcom receiver usually resides. Except it wasn't there. "What? Where...", I trailed off. I wondered where on earth I could have left it, as I knew I last had it when I...

...oh, crap. The last time I remembered holding it was outside. When I had taken Billy out in the backyard. Which was a couple of hours ago. In the sweltering heat.


I recalled placing it on the bottom of the stairs from our deck, as I needed both hands to be in full-on Dog Handling Mode. So outside I scurried, wondering how I could have gone over TWO HOURS without noticing its absence. (Because obviously my speed at that moment was going to be what would save my Dexcom.)

I stood at the top of our deck, and looked down. Whew.

I was glad it was still there, but I was even more glad that it appeared to be both untouched and unharmed.

When I reached it, I clicked the "OK" button, to see just how long it had been out there - by seeing how much data I had missed.

Which gave me an even bigger surprise.

It had taken intermittent readings. THROUGH THE HOUSE.

As in, this far:

Remind me to never again complain about the range of the Dexcom. Ever.


  1. If I detach my MM pump/CGM and leave it in the bathroom and walk to the laundry room, it starts crying, thinking I abandoned it. I'm almost certain it has separation anxiety. Glad you found the Dexcom!

  2. HA yeah no kidding. The Medtronic CGM i have, if the sensor is on the right side of my body and pump the left, i literally have to stick the tubing from one side to the other under these glorious pregnancy pants (the kind with the support on top) so that I can actually try to go the full day with out saying weak sensor, or lost sensor... that's the most frustrating part now, It's supposed to go within 6 feet... total BS for me. Glad your Dex has wonderful range!!!

  3. Wow! Agreed - my minimed has issues sometimes if I so much as leave it on the toilet seat while I shower. That's impressive!

  4. That is what cracks me up about the DexCom. Sometimes if I am sitting the wrong way it will go out of range, but other times I can leave it in the living room and take a nap in my bedroom without missing a reading!

  5. Thanks Kim! This totally made me chuckle! (partly because of the "Dude" photo) and partly because I just wrote a post about losing my Ping meter and finding it in my shoe caddy. :) Scatterbrained, I am.

  6. DUDE! and yeah, whenever my kid uses her MM CGM she has to keep it on the same side of her body as her pump. MADNESS!

  7. Dude!!! That IS awesome! I'm so glad the sun didn't fry its brains out!

  8. DUDE! Dexcom rocks. I swear, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dexcom. I would marry it if I could but I don't want to be a home wrecker.

  9. NICE!!! Oh, and I love the term "Billsner", totally cracked me up. :D

  10. Duuuude! That totally rocks! Bean has played outside and Wilma (our dexcom) has kept up with her...but sometimes at night it can 'lose' her just a foot above her bed!
    Oh, and way to be a responsible pet owner...totally one of my pet (ha!) peeves!

  11. Holy crap! When I did a Dexcom run a couple of years back, I had problems with it not getting a signal when it was on my bedside table on MY side of the bed, y'know, where I was sleeping.

    You apparently have the uber-Dexcom! :)

  12. I have used some massive between the ceiling/floor monitoring before...Dexter is always up for the task. Also,he (yes, he is a "he") works as a receiver in my room as he transmits from Joe's room...I can view alarms and view graphs during the night...LUCKY ME!!! Seriousy, amazing product. Now, I just wanna view that Mo Fo from my phone while Joe is at school or at camps...is that too much to ask for???


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