Friday, August 5, 2011

Emo Pup.

I did the occasional clean-out of my phone's "photo gallery" (It sounds so fancy, doesn't it? Like I should be sipping wine and commenting on how well the negative space is balanced, or something.), and I found a few gems to share with you. They seem to revolve mostly around food and the dog - not so bad, I don't think.

Happy Friday!

This light fixture amazed me while I was eating lunch
one day - I may have also been wicked low, and would
have found pretty much anything to be amazing, but
I really do think it's quite neat.

This carpet... it's so... FLUFFY... zzzzzzz

Tomatoes and basil from my "garden" (read: pots on the deck), and
cheese. Because cheese makes everything better.


Walmart - full of good spelerz.

Billy was helping me during #dsma last week. He looks very emo
 in this photo, I feel. Thinking deep thoughts, he is.

Puppy and pump(y), both doing their jobs well.


  1. Billy is WAY too cute (even when he's all Emo)!!!!!!! Your garden goodies look so good and the Walmart "Spred" cracked me up. :)

  2. i want a "billy", he's sooo cute!

  3. Cracks me up the photos I find in my gallery!
    Thanks for sharing yours!!
    LOVE that light fixture...low or not, it's amazing. :)

  4. LOVE "puppy and pumpy" :)

    I'll bet those tomatoes and basil were superfab!!!


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