Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nerd, Party Of One.

Actual conversation (via text messages) between Aaron and I last night, while he was sitting in night class:

Aaron: Guy sitting in front of me is wearing a Ping.



Me: You know what I meant, dammit!

Me: Also, I have the urge to crash your class and tackle hug him. But maybe that's just me.

Aaron: Well, he's sitting, so that would be weird. Plus you might disconnect his pump.

Me: I can be ninja-like in my pouncing. Plus, I'd have a spare infusion set on hand for him. Win!

Aaron: I think every ninja should have a spare infusion set on hand for that exact reason.

Me: I think that's the best rule in the history of the world, ever.

I will seriously tackle hug this guy if I ever meet him. And if he ever reads this, it will be just that much more awkward.

Nerd, party of one? Oh, yes. That's me.


  1. You've got to sneak up on pumpers out in the wild. They are easily spooked. True story.

  2. I had a similar texting conversation with my husband while he spotted someone on the train who appeared to be high (as in blood sugar high)...from what I could tell by my husband relatying details of the man testing, looking upset, and then bolusing.

    The conversation started out "frustrated high diabetic on train".

    I told my husband to keep an eye on him and to offer him some water and that I'd be at the train station in 5 minutes with an extra infusion set, some humolog and needles...and a hug!

    I'm sure my husband rolled his eyes and laughed while reading the text. I never went through with it...but I'D really want a hug (and a spare infusion set) in that situation!

  3. The all caps response is classic! LOL

    I am with you though, I freak out when I see a pumper.

  4. I'm always on the lookout and never fine one! Pumpers are very discreet. I don't know if I'd be able to hold in my excitement.hehe

  5. AWESOME! i am always holding myself back from starting convos when i see pumps. mostly to avoid embarrassing the kid. i think if i were the one wearing the pump i'd be powerless to control my nerdiness!

  6. Love the all cap response... Nicely played there!

    This makes me want to find that lady in church who I saw with a Minimed, jump over the pews and tackle hug her... I'm sure Suzi would be totally cool with that.

    So, can I join the party? Or do I does one of us just need to stay on the sidelines with bail money?

  7. lol! we all do that, kim! love the texting reenactment! :)

  8. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one having a freakout over other diabetics! It's too much fun to find others of us out in real life!

  9. i work in a grocery store. in the last week i have seen 2, yes 2, pumpers prominently displaying their Ping's!! i can't stop myself from asking how they like it, how long they've been pumping, etc. i have refrained from hugging though, as i didn't want to scare them. i did however, show them my beautiful green Ping!!

  10. Ian a little confused. So you did not see the pump but a friend saw the pump and texted you about it?

  11. The Diabetic Camper - yep; Aaron is my husband. And also my friend. :)

  12. LOL! Loved this text exchange. I think tackle hugging peeps with D should absolutely be a rule. I don't have a pump (injections), but gentle...j/k! :D So funny Kim, thanks for the laughs! :)


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