Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday, Yo.

A couple things to leave you with, as I bid you a happy weekend:

1. Last week's giveaway winner was "Jennifer from Hurricane", but I have yet to hear from said Jennifer. If that's you, would you please send me an email at Thanks. :)

2. That U.N. Summit scheduled for September 18th has hit a snag - read more about that here.

3. Billy is so totally ready for football season. I mean, he may not be HAPPY about it... but he's ready.


  1. Ah I love Billy! He is too cute in his jersey. :) Did he get the "corg-e-mail" that I sent him? ;)

  2. Happy Friday! Billy is the cute-iest patoot-iest doggie evah!

  3. wow!! He is ready!! Gosh he is sooo cute :)

  4. Aw, love his little jersey!!! What a cutie!!!!


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