Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Seven.

30 Posts In 30 Days is almost over - and I'm secretly a little glad.  There's a reason I don't normally post something every day - and you can see why in places like here and here.  It's tough to come up with something I really want to write about 30 days in a row.  Hence, you've got another Sunday Seven coming your way.
  1. My Christmas cookie ingredients have been secured, and the marathon of baking commences tomorrow evening.  I am soooo excited.
  2. I didn't take as many rides on the glucoaster this weekend as I thought I might, despite unmeasured meals and sparadic exercise.  I have no explanations for this.
  3. It's fun to put an actual voice to the blogs you read.  Holly from Arnold and Me was the guest on the podcast "Just Talking" last week, and you can listen to it here
  4. Sometimes, I'm easily persuaded.  I tried some different ice cream this weekend - "Sweet Freedom" from Blue Bunny (the ice cream sandwiches), based on this post from Kelly Kunik.  Peer pressure - it works!  (And it's delicious.)
  5. One of our fellow DOCers, and a good friend of mine, "C", wrote a brave post about the medical issues she went through growing up, and how that journey helped to shape her purpose in life.  You can visit her blog here and read that post here.
  6. Online communities are great for those super-specific questions that only a fellow diabetic can answer.  This thread on discusses what to do with an insulin pump while you're getting a massage, and I was relieved to see I'm not the only one who tends to drop low during them!
  7. A and I will be flying next month, and that whole situation gets me a little worked up.  I've posted before about the parts of flying that make me anxious, and I'm sure this will only be amplified with all of the new TSA screening rules.  To calm myself, I'll be reading this over and over.

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  1. thanks, kimface. :o) i sincerely hope you grace me with your presence next weekend :D


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