Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Everyone needs a mascot, right?  If you look around the DOC, you'll find a consensus - that felines rule.  You can find the evidence in places like here, here, and here

Cats seem to be a ubiquitous mascot for our diabetes community - but I can't quite agree with that.  For one, I'm allergic to cats, so it's hard to jump on board with that (without sneezing).  But the bigger reason for me is that dogs are just freaking adorable.  Case in point - this picture cracks me up every time.  I dare you to not laugh...

(You guessed it - writer's block has struck.)



    I agree. Dogs rule :o)

  2. PRO DOGS!!!
    and I was thinking the same thing about the DOC. Since when did cats rule? pshaaawww! I love me a cuddly cat but nothing beats the hilarity of dogs.
    and that picture totally made me laugh. Thanks!

  3. Hahahaha, that is hysterical. And yeah, dogs are pretty cute. But not quite as cute as my kitten. LOL I should post the out-takes from that kitty photo shoot. The one where she's trying to gnaw on the pump tubing. ;)

  4. I am a dog lover as well! I have one cat, but he thinks he is a dog. So dogs are the majority at my house. Even with the cat bringing up the rear. Loved the picture. Too cute


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