Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How We Spent November.

The highs and lows,
The post-meal spike;
We spent this month
Sharing what it's like.

Diabetes Awareness Month is ending,
And with it, November -
Let's recap the month, and
See what we remember!

We took the Big Blue Test
and our results, online we would post
We watched the video over and over
To get insulin to the kids who need it most.

World Diabetes Day was busy,
As it also played host
To Type 1 Talk events
That took place from coast to coast.

We learned Six Things about each other,
We discussed our "Civil War".
We counted our diabetes blessings,
And celebrated a new "score".

I talked about That Other Thing,
And others shared theirs.
Our diabeTees were so awesome
They probably drew stares.

We wore these pins,
We wore our blue.
We wrote our letters,
And shared our view.

We can look forward to a lot,
But there's much yet to do.
The road to better technology and treatments
Starts with me and you.

People with diabetes want understanding and respect -
And some glitter and Diet Coke; sure.
But awareness and advocacy will keep on going
Until we can victoriously shout, "Cure!"


  1. Awesome November-recapping poetry! Thanks for the link and shoutout, too!

  2. That.was.awesome. And probably a lot of work. :) Thanks for the linkage!

  3. awesome post you summed it up quite well, can't wait to check out the links


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