Saturday, November 20, 2010

Never Satisfied.

My breakfast excursion this morning has me concerned.

I picked up a spinach, egg white and cheese breakfast wrap from Starbucks this morning, along with the largest skinny latte they make - which comes out to around 70g of carbs.  I was already trending down slightly on the Dexcom, so I opted for the combo bolus.  I did a 50/50 split over an hour, and set it up while sitting in my car, so I'd have a little bit of time for it to get to work before I got to my desk and could dig in.

That was an hour and a half ago, and right now I'm 108.  Here's my question:  should I be concerned or happy?

Even with a "great" BG like that, I can't help but worry that it means I'm about to drop too low any minute now.  A high-ish carb breakfast, which includes coffee, will normally send me up anywhere from 50 to 100 mg/dL, so I'm not sure what to think of this.

How sad is that?  A reading like 108 is pretty rad - but I can't enjoy it, because I'm too worried about the circumstances surrounding it.  I guess I'm never satisfied - the future is too uncertain, diabetically speaking, to have the luxury of feeling that way.

I'm also right in the middle of that two-hour calibration window with my Dexcom, so I can't watch what's happening.  I just have to go by how I feel, and test every half hour.  It feels like I'm trying to walk across a highway with a blindfold and noise-cancelling headphones on.

Normally, I'm just wearing the blindfold.


  1. Kim,

    Star Bux is a tough one. When they hand you the latte, do you notice the weight of it? Sometimes it is lighter than others. Which means more foamy (and less carbs that the nutrition guide states. ). I was a manager there for 8 years and there is truly an art to making the drink perfect (thus it matches the nutrition guide). I would guess yours was lighter than it should have been thus fewer carbs than you thought. My ginger bread latte yesterday caused me to drop, supposed to be 30 g carbs, but apparently mine wasn't. This may be an issue anytime you get a drink w/ steamed milk. Leave the headphones on just turn down the volume. Jason

  2. That's always tough for me, too... Having a "better" reading than I'd normally expect after eating. Does it mean I'm on my way down, or does it mean I've done something damn near perfect with my bolus?

    And whether or not I've had a number concern me, I hate that two hour calibration period with Dexcom. I had brunch last weekend during calibration, then wound up ripping open a package of juice boxes in the middle of The Dollar Tree for an emergency low-treatment during shopping afterword. (I discovered my purse's glucose tab supply had been depleted and not replaced.) FUN. (It did make me so thankful to have a CGM at all though, because that made me realize that even the lows that sneak past Dexcom are caught before they're bad enough to leave me all weak and panicky.)


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