Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Plague, And Other Things I Avoid.

I tend to go back and forth between two schools of thoughts when it comes to diabetes and food. 

The first says that people with diabetes can eat whatever they want - you just have to figure out how to bolus for whatever it is you're eating.  The second says that some foods are just too evil, and should be avoided.

I'm not sure I can totally jump on board with either one.  I do believe that I can eat just about anything (in moderation) and figure it out, but I do have one exception.  In the spirit of that second school of thought, I thought I'd share which food I've totally given up on.  (Or, that I'll eat when I'm feeling spiteful and defiant.)  Try and try as I might, I just can't get it right bolus-wise.

The offender:

Man, I think my blood sugar jumped a few points just from looking at that picture.  It doesn't matter what kind - sugary, healthy, high fiber-y, small portion, not-so-small - all breakfast cereal messes with me.  I've tried bolusing 20 minutes prior.  30 minutes prior (and promptly dropped low before eating, then spiked like crazy).  I've tried a combo bolus.  I've tried a super bolus.  I've tried yelling.  Nothing works, and it bugs the heck out of me that I can't figure it out.  It's funny, because I'm pretty sure that cereal has always messed with me - but until I started using a CGM, I never noticed it.  And now that I know, I can't justify risking it most of the time.  Even though I Really.  Love.  Cereal.

Are there any foods you avoid, diabetically speaking?


  1. I L.O.V.E cereal! But it took me a while to figure out the right kind and the proper bolus for it. I eat Kashi GoLean Original and I bolus 30 minutes before eating it. My peak is no more than 150 mg/dL with this combo.

    I have completely given up donuts because a) who knows how many carbs are in them and there's no way I'm going to SWAG bolus for them and b) I never really liked donuts pre-D. I have my few things that I can't live without: cereal, pizza, pasta. And I just figure out a good bolus combo for them. But there are some things like donuts, real soda, cake, etc. that I never really liked before and didn't see worth the effort to finding a bolus for them.

  2. Apparently Halloween candy. It's been kicking my butt all week.

  3. Ha! Cereal is evil and bananas are evil. I will eat cereal on a rare occasion when I'm in a bad mood anyway :o) Bananas I've given up because I don't really like them anyway.

  4. Whole Wheat Cheerios and Banana are my FAV snack. I've never noticed a problem with my levels afterwards..but I don't have a CGM.

    I don't really avoid any food. Mashed Potatoes are my worst offender because I end up eating more than I bolused for, but I still eat them because I am MADLY in love with potatoes.

  5. I just found your blog and can relate to it so much! I've been a T1 for 20 years and my FAVORITE food is cereal. I don't really avoid any foods, I just make sure to bolus appropriately :)

  6. Cereal is BADDDDD! Some say it is the honey in it. I try (!) to avoid it, but it is just too hard sometimes.

    I avoid bavarois. That is even worse than cereals. Makes me peak for a week. Even without CGM.....

  7. Kim, I have not eaten any kind of cereal for many years. I used to be able to tolerate oatmeal fairly well, but even that spikes me badly now. There is a cereal called Steel Cut Oats that some diabetics used. It is like whole grain and would raise your BG much more slowly. There are also high fiber cereals, but I have not tried them.

    I have trouble with everything made from grain, so I eat only a half cup of pasta with a meal and exercise after the meal. With a lot of exercise I can have a full cup of pasta. I would include some protein and that would be my whole meal.

    I never have desserts, not even SF desserts. I do love fruit. so they serve as my desserts.

  8. I am Type 2 on once a day insulin. Cereal, even oatmeal, does the same thing to me. I have given up on it and settle for egg and toast for breakfast.

  9. hli think this is pretty relevant its not only honeybut sugar thats in the cereal, weetbix is better that any other you add fruit to weetbix n t cornflakes they are so wrong for diabetes hey i like an egg for brekky too and ime on insulin hate waiting for the time to let it settle as u just want to eat what u can find, although in moderation.


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