Monday, November 29, 2010

Diabetes: 1. Kim: 0.

There are times I let diabetes "win", and this morning is one of them.

On weekday mornings and afternoons, I usually I go for a quick 15-minute walk with some co-workers.  The fresh air, chatter, and chance to get my blood circulating again are all a healthy break from my otherwise mostly sedentary job.  Typically, I turn off my pump's basal delivery for an hour, starting about 30 minutes before the walk, and sometimes eat a few carbs as well. 

But this morning, it just doesn't seem to be worth the work.  I tested 20 minutes prior to our scheduled walk, and I was 80 mg/dL.  Jim told me I was constant.  Normally, this would be a great scenario, except that walking now meant I'd have to eat something - and I just wasn't hungry.  So here I sit.

While I do feel bad about skipping out on exercise (which is healthy for me, in general), I can't help but think it's for a good cause, as I'm maintaining a good BG level (which is healthy for me, diabetes-wise).  Should I feel guilty, or triumphant?

Exercise is giving way to a pretty number, this morning.  Living well with diabetes, much like being in a relationship, means living with compromise sometimes.  Having things my way all of the time isn't fair, and sometimes it isn't healthy, either.  So here you go, diabetes.  You win this round.


  1. Isn't this just the freedom of havng the choice to walk, or not? You win Kim, you make the choises! The freedom to be able to choose to have or not to have your daily walk. Isn't it only human to skip one day?

  2. How about calling it a tie after the referee made a bad call against your team. I think that is better. Only one more day of your "daily postings", I'll be sad, not really. But you have made DAM more interesting for me.



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