Sunday, November 21, 2010

Target Practice.

There aren't many meals more challenging to bolus for than a Thanksgiving dinner you didn't make yourself (or sometimes, even one you did make yourself).  You're not sure what's exactly is in each dish, and you're probably doing educated guessing in lieu of exact measurements.  Even with tools like an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, it's tricky.

My parents hosted my brother, husband and I for a "pre-Thanksgiving" meal today.  It was delicious, and we got to have a bit of everything I crave at this time of year - sweet potatoes, turkey, mashed potatoes with real gravy, green beans with bacon (because bacon always has a place at the table), and pumpkin bars.  It can be a fairly carb-heavy meal, which meant that I got to try some "target practice" for the real deal next week.

It's one of the many times that I'm thankful for having a CGM.  (Thankful at a Thanksgiving meal?  Weird.)  I knew I'd need a combo bolus for this, and usually I'd take the majority up front, with only about a 15 - 25% tail over three hours.  I'm not even sure how I arrived at that forumla, but since that scenario hasn't been keeping up its end of the deal lately, I thought I'd try something different - a 40/60 split over 2 hours, with a temp basal of +100% for four hours.

And guess what? I managed to slowly creep up to the low 180's, flatline there for an hour, and then glide back down to the 90's. 

Boom.  I'm ready.  Bring it, Turkey Day.

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  1. This'll be my first Thanksgiving with diagnosed D... I'm not lookign forward to that aspect of it. I'm still not great at "guessing" on foods that aren't really simple. (Roll of bread? That's pretty easy. Bread stuffing with celery and all kinds of other goodies? Not so much.)

    I AM going to take make one of my favorite carby dishes so I have something that feels and Thanksgivingy without having to GUESS the carb content, but I suspect I'll be doing a lot more turkey and veggies this year than ever before. :(


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