Thursday, November 25, 2010


On this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for a day full of family.

I'm thankful that I only hit 200 once today, and because that crap only lasted for about a half hour.

I'm thankful for little brothers who fall asleep on my shoulder, as a result of copious consumption of deliciousness earlier in the day.

I'm thankful for leftover fruit salad, with which I'm currently treating a stubborn bout of hypoglycemia.

I'm thankful for my 94-year-old grandma and her great stories, like the one I heard today about the first (and only) time she tried a cigarette.  (She tried to light the wrong end.  Gotta love her.)  I think she's where I get my ability to deliver straight-faced wit from.

I'm thankful for my in-law's puppy, who I got to spend quality time playing fetch with.  (He's a goldendoodle.  Sooooo cute.)

I'm thankful for my CGM and insulin pump, who helped me rock most of my bolusing on such an impossible-to-carb-count day.

I'm thankful for that underlying layer of understanding with my husband's stepdad, who has type 2, and has to "shoot up" at meals, too.

I'm thankful for my husband, who puts up with so much from me, always with a smile and a kiss.

I'm thankful for my life, and everyone and everything in it.  It's a beautiful thing.

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  1. I have a golden doodle too! They are so cute and amazing dogs!


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