Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping Up 2010.

As I'm looking around the DOC to my favorite d-blogs, I'm seeing that most people like to do a "year in review" meme.  I like this idea, but I've got a problem:  I don't have a years' worth of material to summarize - only about half of that.  So while it won't fit the "typical" format, I'm giving you The Highlights Of The Year In Review - Of My Life (And Diabetes) In General.  (And Maybe Make The Title A Little Bit Longer?)

January:  Two very special characters came into my life, as I made the switch from a Cozmo pump to the Animas Ping; and also by getting my first CGM.  I officially became half-robot.  Oh yeah, we also bought and moved into our first house.  I love it here.

April:  Spending all of my free time on the interwebz got me thinking:  "Hey, if I have time for all of this browsing, I surely could fit some volunteer do-gooding in there, too."  I "tried out" for and got accepted into JDRF's Online Diabetes Support Team as a cyber volunteer (which means I respond to requests, based mainly on my personal experiences), and then was selected to be a volunteer moderator for  I still do both of these things (some disclosure for you - I do a lot of JDRF-ing! - but maybe you already knew that).  My A1C also clocked in at 7.1 - which was a great improvement from my pre-CGM numbers that started with 8's.

May:  I did something that I never thought, in a zillion years, I would ever want to do.  I completed my first half-marathon!

June:  A and I celebrated a year of marriage (geez, that went fast).  I started this little blog here.  I also had a birthday, and flew out to Connecticut to visit one of my best friends for a week.

July:  Sometimes, I felt a bit like diabetes had the steering wheel, but it didn't win all the time.  I also wrote my first strongly-worded letter to let a nationally syndicated columnist know that he was straight-up wrong about his diabetes-related "advice", and blogged about it.

August:  I posted a picture of my bra on the internet.  Yep, that happened.  I also talked about how much of a difference our little online community (which, actually, isn't that little at all) has made in my life.

September:  A very busy month that included my local JDRF walk, and my first diabetes conference - which is how I got my first chance to meet some DOCers in person.  I also time-warped back to what my childhood was like with diabetes.

October:  I got my first chance at doing a guest post on The Diabetes OC. Jim helped me achieve my first No Hitter.  And you guys helped me come up with some awesome rules - but I'm still waiting for that puppy.

November:  Things got a lot more wordy around here with Diabetes Awareness Month, and my goal of posting 30 times in 30 days (which I did!).  One might say I'm a diabetes snob, but at least I dress well.  I also had something very surprising to celebrate, and something a little bit awkward to talk about.

December:  We all got introduced to a 90's rock band called Blunt Lancet, I was flattered to see my name on this list and my voice on this radio show, and I got to meet some more awesome d-bloggers on a wonderful (but brief) trip to New York.

Bring it, 2011 - I've got big plans for you.


  1. Kim, you are a great example of how awesome this community is! I thought you had been blogging forever and in just a few months I feel like we are old friends.

    I hate to give diabetes any credit for that but I guess I have to.

    Anyhow, I just think how awesome this community is. We love to embrace any new face in the OC and support them. It is so important and exactly why I don't think I can ever stop reading and commenting and tweeting and whatever else!

    Have a great new year. I expect 2011 to be amazing.

  2. Happy New Year, Kim! Looking forward to 2011 on so many levels, but of course to keep in touch with you and all others in the ever-growing DOC! Hey, by the way: You need to guest-blog for me at some point before long! You pick topic and we'll go from there... Happy 2011!


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