Thursday, December 30, 2010

Talking About Humor And Diabetes.

A couple of weeks ago (actually, the night before our 6:00am flight to NY), I had the honor of being the guest on an internet radio show run by the nice folks at DSMA.  It's called "Continuing the Conversation", and is based off of the Wednesday night #dsma chats on Twitter - which if you have diabetes and haven't participated in yet, I hope you do soon!  (The chat is from 8pm - 9pm Central time, and you can participate by adding the hashtag #dsma to your tweets, or by using the TweetChat room.)  "DSMA" stands for Diabetes Social Media Advocacy.

We spent an hour discussing things like how humor and diabetes are related, what Blunt Lancet is all about, and the eternal debate of cupcakes vs. ice cream.  (I'm on the ice cream side, by the way.)

If you've got an hour to kill, give it a listen.  And please, be kind...  it was my first time doing anything like this.  :)


  1. Great job, Kim! I couldn't listen live that week as we were traveling up to Michigan that night, but listened afterward and thought you did awesomely (good enough for cupcakes...) Always great to hear voices to go with the blogs and names and such! Even paved the way for me. So, there!

  2. Oh crap, I always forget to tune into the live show. And I forgot again tonight - I SUCK!! Thanks for the link though - because I can go back and listen to everything I missed. And I will tell you in advance that You Rocked - because I'm sure you did!

  3. You are correct Karen, Kim rocked. I really enjoyed chatting with you!

  4. You all are kinder than I deserve. Thanks. :)


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