Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This one is for my fellow Dexcom users.

Several people have asked me recently where I found the skins for my Dexcom CGM receiver.  (I call them "jackets", but I also named my CGM "Jim", so take that for what you will.)  You know, these?

I ordered them from Dexcom's online store when I started on the CGM earlier this year, but that feature of the website has since been taken down. I called Dexcom yesterday to get the official scoop, so if you want to order some of these, here's what to do.

The Dexcom phone number is (877) 339-2664.  Choose option three from the menu.  From here, you can place an order for one or more of the skins - they're $10 each individually, or $28 for the set of four. That price does not include shipping, which will add about $5 to your total. The Dexcom rep told me that it usually takes about 5 - 10 days for them to arrive.

My Jim is always wearing one of his jackets, and they serve a few purposes for me. 

It keeps him protected, both from scratches to the housing (the skins, unfortunately, leave the screen uncovered), and from moisture (like the times where he's sitting on my bathroom counter, and I wash my face a little too enthusiastically - wipes right off!). 
The skins are a stretchy, silicone/rubbery material, which means that the surface has some degree of "sticky".  This comes in handy when Jim is forced to balance himself in precarious places, like the towel bar while I'm showering.

I wanted to caption this with "You missed a spot!", but
decided that's possibly too creepy.

And lastly, they're kind of fun - I appreciate being able to customize, to some degree, my robot parts.  Medical equipment doesn't have to be boring in order to work properly.

They aren't something you "need", but they're sure nice to have.

*Dexcom did not ask me to mention any of this here, though I did warn the customer rep I spoke with that I would be posting the information he gave me on my website.  The middle photo is one he sent me. 



  1. I totally support Jim wearing these jackets - "Dexter" never got one and a few months after his first birthday, I ka-thunked him on the floor (oops, sorry sweetie) and now he doesn't shine so bright... in fact, he isn't back lit at all now, poor guy.

    Guess it's a good thing he was over a year old, on to... Dexter the Second? Might need a new name!

  2. Thanks for the scoop! I've been wondering if I might be able to get a pink one, to match my pump. Mine came with the grayish one, which is a little ugly so I only use it on days when I know it's more likely to go through some rough treatment.

    Dex hangs out right outside of the shower, too. I perch it on the edge of the (closed) toilet, which means it's not even a foot away from the shower door... and I'm really impressed that it's never once lost signal, even if I sit down to shave my legs, putting some of the tile WALL between me and Dex.


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