Monday, December 20, 2010

Guest Post from Ronald, "The Poor Diabetic".

Today's post comes from Ronald, who blogs at The Poor Diabetic.  Ronald has type 2 diabetes, and I'm happy to share his viewpoint here on Texting My Pancreas.  Take it away, Ronald!


I can't believe that this is my first guest posting opportunity, but when I heard Kim was going on vacation, I was compelled to play the house-sitting part.  On her blog and as with any house sitting gig, you wanna make sure you take care of the pad and keep it at the accustomed standard.  In my zeal to create a compelling post that will rank in the level of her usual standards , I practically almost lost track of time and she had to jolt me a reminder a few days before she left.

So here I am talking about partying like its 1999 and I am a
Blunt Lancet groupie, all in the name of taking a vacation from diabetes.

In many cases when you are on a stringent routine of sorts, it is recommended that you take a break to recharge and refuel so you can come back strong; I wondered if I could use this logic with the '

So for one day and one day only:

1.  No more testing

2.  No carb counting
3.  No gym
4. Insulin/

Would I come out the better on the other side if I just walked away from diabetes for a day?  Because I believe my psyche is really pushing me to do it.

In the "Diabetes Burnout," book, William
Polonsky, Ph.D., says that "Part of taking care of diabetes is to remember that safe breaks now and then are a necessary, allowable part of your treatment plan."

So this is by no means a precedent move and taken in a “controlled environment” it might actually work.  I might not be able to promise you what the other side of the safe break might look like, but I for one am intrigued enough to try it.

But then again, I am a T2 and the effects of a day without insulin might not be as devastating as for a T1, so the parameters of said "controlled environment" might just have be different for everyone.

If you could, would you go just one day without diabetes?

Thanks Kim for giving me the chance to house-sit your blog and I hope you have a great time in NYC.

Ronald Gregory is a type 2 diabetic, blogger, and author.  He's also on Twitter!  Thanks for lending your voice, Ronald!

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  1. Hey Kim
    again thanks for letting me guest post on your blog,and you are always welcome to share your thoughts with my readers any time.


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