Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking Back: I Have A Few Questions.

I first shared this post in February of 2011, and I'm still finding that all of these questions are still unanswered. I'd now like to add to the list, "When can my Dexcom display be available as an app on my iPhone?".

* * * * *

Why do the most accurate CGM sensor sites also have to be the itchiest?

Why do I only start to drop low after I've brushed my teeth?

Why can't Dexcom covers come in colors like aqua blue, orange, green or purple?

Why, on the nights I most need sleep, does Jim decide to make stuff up about my blood sugar and thusly wake me up every half hour with a BRRR BRRR BRRR BRRR! from the nightstand? (That's my impersonation of him vibrating, by the way.)

How is it possible that I can access the internet from my phone, but I can't access my basal rates from my meter remote?

Why do the Animas cartridge needles make my Humalog bottles leak drops of insulin while I'm filling them? (I've learned recently that I'm not the only one this happens to...)

Why do I sometimes feel like I'm dropping low, when I'm really not?

Why, when I get sick, does it take me three weeks to recover, instead of the three days it appears to take everyone else?

Why can't I keep myself from smirking when the nurse giving me my flu shot says "This might hurt a little"? (And why do I almost always feel the need to tell her that I'm used to it, because I have diabetes?)

And why does the world not yet have an integrated Animas/Dexcom system?!


  1. When I went in to get my new Ping, the educator actually explained the "feeling like I'm dropping low, but I'm not" phenomenon. . .of course, I can't remember exactly what she said, but it had something to do with the blood sugar being on the down swing, therefore lower than it WAS, and GOING down, but not actually low.

    Also, did you know that the newest Animus pump (the terribly named "OneTouch Vibe." Yikes.) is, in fact, CGM complient? It's only been approved in Europe right now, due to FDA stuff, but supposedly, it's coming.

    Oh, and getting sick and taking three weeks to recover? That's just because diabetes is a jerk.

  2. If I may add to the list...why is it that CGM sites are most irritating the day AFTER they're removed?

  3. What's with telling nurses how we are used to needles? I do the very same thing every time I have my blood taken for some reason...

  4. Ha, ha! I liked that one with Dexcom's colors.

  5. "Why do the Animas cartridge needles make my Humalog bottles leak drops of insulin while I'm filling them? (I've learned recently that I'm not the only one this happens to...)"

    OMG! I really hate this...especially when we're paying good money for those bottles of insulin. I hate to think of how many good units have gone to waste.

  6. Change that last one from "the world" to "the US" LOL!

    I would also like more Dexcom colors in the meantime.

    I am not sure about the insulin bottles leaking but when I take the needle off the cartridge to put the tubing on, there is always a giant drop that basically goes to waste. Am I doing it wrong? #animasnewbie


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