Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#DBlogWeek: Fantasy Diabetes Device.

Today's prompt: Today let’s tackle an idea inspired by Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary. Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be? Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc. The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?

* * * * *

Everyone else has Siri.

I want a Bigi.

(Get it? Siri, but for diabetes?)

Can you imagine the possibilities? She has to know everything that's going on with me - linked in to my pump settings and history, various glucose meters, a built-in pedometer to account for my activity (or lack thereof), the ability to sync with other applications, a sense of what time of month it is (ahem), and a little bit of a Magic 8-Ball forecasting ability. Oh hell, and let's throw in the fact that she's an artificial pancreas, too. (Hey, it says fantasy device, right? This is my dream! I will have flying puppies made of sunshine if I want!)

One application to rule them all...

DONK DONK! "Bigi, how should I bolus for this sandwich?"

DINK DINK! "Kim, you were dancing half an hour ago, and you've dropped below 60 mg/dL between 2:00 am and 4:00 am the past three nights. Let's try 5 units but decrease your basal rate for four hours."

DONK DONK! "Why am I 352 right now?"

DINK DINK! "That sandwich had more carbs than Calorie King suggested. I'll remember that for the future."

DONK DONK! "When was the last time I did an infusion site change?"

DINK DINK! "You last changed your site on Tuesday. You still have 11 hours before it should be changed."

DONK DONK! "Where do you think I should put the new site?"

DINK DINK! "The last four sites were in your abdomen. How about your left leg, this time?"

DONK DONK! "I need to make an eye appointment for next week."

DINK DINK! "I found one open appointment time with your doctor next week. Do you want me to schedule it?"


DONK DONK! "Diabetes is lame, Bigi. I've been on the glucoaster all day."

DINK DINK! "Here are some blog posts you may want to read."

DONK DONK! "Does my insurance cover the test strips for this new meter?"

DINK DINK! "Yes, it looks like your co-pay would be $20 per month for those strips."

DONK DONK! "I want to go swimming for an hour."

DINK DINK! "You go ahead. I'll take care of your basal rates."

DONK DONK! "Someone just told me that I could cure type 1 diabetes with a vegan diet, and now I want to punch them."

DINK DINK! "I found three bars that are fairly close to you..."


  1. When I think about all the inventions that have occured while I've had diabetes (in TV sets alone!), this just doesn't seem that out-of-reach to me. Now to get our scientists on board ... Bigi, find a diabetes-friendly inventor with government funding connections who cares about us Types 1s!

  2. Well done! I want Bigi!

  3. Oh, wow. Seriously, wow. I need a fantasy device app of some sort to stop my laughing at the awesomeness of your post. Bravo, Kim. Nicely done!

  4. I love it! And want one!

  5. Love it! I don't even have an I-phone, but I'd certainly get one for Bigi. Great post!

  6. I'm kind ofI'm trying to come up with some kind of snide remark about your invention, but I can't. Pure genius!

  7. Ha ha that would be great.

    A built in scale would be great too.

  8. I love it! A D device and counselor all rolled into one! Genius Kim, pure genius.

  9. so when will this be on the market? :D sounds perfect!

  10. You my friend are awesome, this is why I did not boo you last night as I was supposed to. I think your concept is great. Although the dancing does concern me a little bit, at first I thought I had read 2:00 AM dancing and wondered what poor Aaron or Billy thought about that. :-p

  11. Great idea! This post cracked me up-I can totally picture "Bigi" saying these things!

  12. Diabetes - There's an app for that.

    Wait... there's not? Well, there should be!

    I love this idea!

  13. Love it! Want one now. : )

  14. Sign me up!! This sounds like the perfect device! I'm already a fan of my iPhone but this would make it so, so, so much better!! Great ideas! :)

  15. yes please! i'll take it! :)

  16. DINK DINK: You forgot to bolus for that pancake breakfast. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. Give yourself twelve units and increase your basals by 50% for the next four hours. I've also arranged for some ibuprofen to be delivered to you for the headache, and can order you several stiff drinks if you'd like.

    DONK DONK: oh Bigi, you're my only friend.

  17. DONK DONK!: I love this.

  18. DONK DONK: Bigi, will you marry me?


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